Auto Speak

Story & photos

By Dewain E. Peek,

A wet week gave way to a near perfect Saturday for the 23rd Annual Standing Stone Park Car Show held Saturday, Oct. 9 after a COVID-19 delay of a year.

“The weather helped out a lot, “Park Ranger David Harris said. “I was sweating it earlier in the week.

“I am really, really pleased with the turnout today, and the crowd’s been excellent to work with, and I just want to thank everybody for showing up.”

The show had 123 entries, though many additional cars arrived after registration had ended and were on display only.

Taking Best of Show honors this year was Victor Forasso’s 1969 American Motors AMX.

President’s Choice was given to Debbie Stinson’s 1953 Chevrolet pickup.

Crowd Favorite was won by Heather King’s 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air.

Other show winners were as follows:

Camaro 1967 to 2002– 1st place, Steve Martin’s 1967 Camaro SS; 2nd place, Charles Hammock’s orange 1968 Camaro SS convertible; 3rd place, Danny Lamb’s 1969 Camaro.

Camaro 2009 to Present – 1st place, Charles Hammock’s black 2016 Camaro 2SS.

Corvette 1959-2003 – 1st place, Daryl Thompson’s 1975 Stingray; 2nd place, Jerry Hurd’s 1982 Corvette; 3rd place, Hunter Copas’ 1987 Corvette.

Corvette 2004 to Present – 1st place, Kim Sherrell’s 2007 Corvette; 2nd place, Robert Burns’ 2021 Corvette; 3rd place, Lauren Bowers’ 2005 Corvette.

Mustang 1964-2003 – 1st place, Mike Campbell’s 1965 Mustang; 2nd place, Roger Bybee’s Lime Gold 1968 Mustang coupe; 3rd place, Scott Hunter’s dark blue 1966 Mustang coupe.

Mustang 2004 to Present – 1st place, Patricia Nicks’ 2007 Mustang.

Rat Rod – 1st place, Randy Wilford’s 1932 Ford pickup; 2nd place, Jerry Wade’s 1953 Ford; 3rd place, Palley D.’s 1940 Chevrolet.

Unfinished – 1st place, Palley D.’s 1947 Chevrolet; 2nd place, Joey Smith’s 1949 Chevrolet; 3rd place, Diane Brown’s 1957 Ford.

Original Car Up To 1960 – 1st place, Howard Alison’s 1956 Ford Thunderbird; 2nd place, Phil Schumacher’s 1907 Cadillac Model M; 3rd place, Kevin Mueler’s 1929 Ford Model A.

Modified Car Up To 1960 – 1st place, Steve Holder’s red 1955 Chevrolet; 2nd place, Larry Eberly’s 1933 Ford; 3rd place, Ron and Francine Singletery’s baby blue 1932 Ford roadster.

Original Truck Up To 1960 – 1st place, Bruce Lee’s 1932 Ford; 2nd place, Dan Hyatt’s 1959 Chevrolet; 3rd place, Mickey Word’s 1957 Chevrolet.

Modified Truck Up To 1960 – 1st place, Mike Renillard’s 1953 Ford F-150; 2nd place, Judy Harvey’s 1955 Chevrolet; 3rd place, Jack Murphy’s 1952 Chevrolet.

Original Car 1961-1989 – 1st place, Victor Torasso’s 1969 American Motors AMX; 2nd place, Jerry McDonald’s 1968 Camaro RS; 3rd place, Randall Hicks’ 1965 Chevelle.

Modified Car 1961-1989– 1st place, Barry Sparks’ 1964 Chevrolet Nova; 2nd place, Allen Gagnon’s 1967 Chevrolet Nova; 3rd place, Stacy (no last name given) 1966 Rambler wagon.

Original Truck 1961-1972– 1st place, Cindy Johnson’s 1972 Chevrolet; 2nd place, Dennis C.’s 1972 Chevrolet C10; and 3rd place, Ralph Padgett’s 1966 Ford F-100.

Original Truck 1973-1989 – 1st place, Charles Hammock’s 1987 GMC; 2nd place, Vernon Cross’ Chevrolet; and 3rd place, Wayne Thompson’s 1978 Ford F-150.

Modified Truck 1961-1989 – 1st place, Bill Johnson’s 1968 Chevrolet; 2nd place, Charlie Brown’s 1963 Ford F-100; 3rd place, Dilly Bilth’s 1972 Chevrolet.

Car 1990 to Present – 1st place, Joe Coffman’s 2015 Dodge Dart GT; and 2nd place, William Bittner’s 2002 Chrysler Prowler; 3rd place, Thomas Montgomery’s black 2011 Dodge Charger Mopar Edition.

Jeep or 4X4 all years – 1st place, Angela Bowers’ 1980 Jeep CJ7.

Truck 1990 to Present – 1st place, Ronnie Dickes’ Ford F-150; 2nd place, Donny Watson’s 1996 Chevrolet.