Local kids participate in marble tournament

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Ten Tennessee kids traveled to Wildwood, NJ to participate in the National Ringer Marbles Tournament.

When you think about marbles in Tennessee, everyone knows about the National Rolley Hole Marbles Championship at Standing Stone State Park in Hilham.

It’s a partners game played on a dirt court. But only a few have heard of the National Ringer Marbles Tournament held on the Monday after Fathers Day in Wildwood, NJ. played in the sand on a concrete court.

The game of Ringer starts with two players with a marble in hand on the opposing side of the lag line. To get the first shot, the individual must win the lag. To win the lag you must release your marble after the words, One, Two, Three, LAG, after lag, the player who’s marble is closest to the line without hitting and borders wins the first shot.

Each game consists of 5 innings or less if the player knocks out 7 marbles first. On your first shot of each inning your marble must be released from your hand with your knuckles on the concrete from outside of the circle. If you strike a target marble and your shooter stays in, you get another turn from where your marble stopped.

If your shooter exits the 10 foot circle, your turn is over. At the end of the game, the player with the most marbles out of the circle is the winner. This contest is for youngsters age 7 to 14 from all over the Nation. At the end of 1,500 games, over 4 days, one boy and one girl are declared the King and Queen of Marbles.

This year, 10 kids traveled from Tennessee 777 miles to battle for the crown in New Jersey.

Representing Overton County were Brodi Dogan age 8, and Maci Dogan age 8.

Representing Standing Stone State Park were Easton Partain age 9, Trey Arney age 9, Arie Vaugn age 9, and Annie Vaugn age 7.

Representing Clay County were Bridget Cherry age 14, Madison Hayes age 13, Ethan Hayes age 11, and Elijah Dale age 12.