LA Anglers successful at Dale Hollow

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LA Anglers Tucker Pendergrass and Lucas Roberts placed 4th at Dale Hollow, and Braxton Copeland and Chase Johnson finished in 2nd.

Livingston Academy Anglers once again secured top spots at the Dale Hollow tournament, which was held on a cold, wet, and windy Saturday, Oct. 30 on the water, but they were able to persevere and find some good fish.

For this tournament, Livingston Academy was represented with 10 high school teams and 9 junior teams in a total field of 168 high school boats and 63 junior boats.

In the high school division, Braxton Copeland and Chase Johnson were able to produce 3 solid fish for 9.94 lbs. This secured them a 2nd place finish and they were rewarded with a $700 scholarship. Close on their heels was the team of Lucas Roberts and Tucker Pendergrass with a bag of fish weighing 9.57 lbs, landing them in 4th place. They received a $400 scholarship for their finish.

On the junior side, Parker Bilbrey and Josiah Zachary were able to weigh one fish, which was good enough for 18th place in their division. With their points from the first two tournaments, this team is currently sitting in 4th place in the North Central Jr. Division.

Other LA teams were able to weigh fish and add points to their yearly totals.

The next North Central tournament will be Saturday, Nov. 27th on Center Hill Lake.