Cruise-in set for Saturday

Dewain E. Peek photo

Automobile enthusiasts will once again get together as car shows and cruise-ins return.

Auto Speak by Dewain E. Peek

Time to knock off the Saharan dust and head to the square for the first cruise-in of 2020, Saturday, July 4 will not only be a celebration of our country’s independence but also a day to celebrate gathering together to admire some street machines.

Overton County’s cruise-in, held on the Livingston square, has been moved from the second Saturday of the month to the first Saturday for July. Vehicles of all sorts will begin gathering around the square around 4 p.m. and the cruise-in will continue until around 7 p.m.

Though along with that gathering, I’m sure I don’t need to remind everyone that the COVID-19 pandemic that has long delayed the beginning of cruise-in season is still ongoing. So, remember that when someone seems a bit stand-offish or doesn’t offer a handshake, it isn’t a comment about you, and they’re not being rude, it is just being cautious.

I’m not going to get into mask or no mask, let’s just give each other space and enjoy the rides. And also celebrate the birth of this great nation.

Our forefathers shook off the oppression of an English king to enjoy liberty. Hopefully soon a vaccine will help us shake off the oppression of this coronavirus and let us have liberty to fellowship freely again.