Cruise-in in need of coordinator

Dewain E. Peek photo

Scott Hunter, with his 1966 Mustang, center, talks to another auto enthusiast at an Overton County Cruise-In in April 2019.

Auto Speak by Dewain E. Peek

I keep being asked when the cruise-ins will start back on the square or if there will be cruise-ins on the square this year, and the other day, I got a somewhat definitive answer – maybe.

The last few years, the official Overton County Cruise-In has been coordinated by Rithia “Buttons” Winningham, Vickie White, and Scott Hunter, but time and circumstance have changed things. The group recently lost one of their cruise-in family members, Dewain Winningham, husband of Buttons.

Scott issued the following statement to me on behalf of the group, “We haven’t been able to check and see if will be allowed to start having the cruise-ins and with the loss of our beloved friend Dewain, we have been reliving old memories and we have realized we have been running the cruise-in for 6 or 7 years and we are feeling a bit tired and are considering stepping down and we would love to hand it over to someone in the Overton County area with the love and passion for the cruise-in that we have.

“We still want to be a part of the cruise-in and help support it. So, with that being said, we want all of our cruise-in family to know we love each and every one of you and if anyone is interested contact Vicky White or me, Scott Hunter, on Facebook Messenger.”

So there is where it stands. If anyone is interested in coordinating the Overton County Cruise-ins, please contact Vickie White or Scott Hunter. Scott said they will be glad to help with any information needed.

I appreciate the work Scott, Vickie, and Buttons put into the cruise-ins and hope someone else will step in as they did when Jim Hunter and Tommy Hunter stepped down. And Jim and Tommy had taken over the cruise-in coordination after James “Horn” King had to relinquish it because of scheduling conflicts with his job.

Official Overton County Cruise-Ins were normally scheduled for the second Saturday of each month from April through October.