Degree earned at 97 years-old

Like many young men and women, Bill Gossett’s schooling was interrupted when World War II broke out, according to Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC]. And when the war ended, he couldn’t go back to school to get his college degree because he was obliged to go to work.

Gossett explained, “There was always a void there but I was busy learning to run a business. Time went by and I finally decided to finish my degree. It was a goal of self-fulfillment.”

At last, 80 years later, he finally earned his degree from Lincoln College in Lincoln, IL, but fate intruded once again; the COVID pandemic forced the cancellation of graduation and so he was unable to formally graduate in 2020. He had to wait until the 2021 graduation ceremony to accept his degree.

The wait was worth it; however, he received not only an Associate of Arts degree, but an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters as well. Not bad for a 97 year-old.