From the family of Mrs. Bonzie O. Adams Mclearran Guffey.

We are late on thanking everyone since mama’s death on 11/27/2018 and we are sorry about that.

Mama raised us wonderfully. She worked 2 jobs most of the time to make sure we had what we needed to survive. We all have been so lucky to have her in each of our lives. We could not have asked for a better mama to have raised us and loved us. (All of us were her favorites.)

We would like to thank each and every person that did anything in any way to help us in mama’s sickness and death. We APPRECIATED each kind act whatever it may have been. If it being cooking, coming by, praying, sending food, saying a kind word, making something to help comfort her, calling and being there for us all. Just knowing how many friends she had has been so honoring to her and all of us.

Special thanks to Hall’s Funeral Home and employees. Mama had each season through the time of passing until we laid her in the grave. She had snow, sleet, rain, sunshine, fog on the water, and darkness.

Thank you to Michael Pratt for letting our family do what we wanted to getting the last ride by Moody’s Boat Dock and being a late service to get buried by flashlight and cellphone service lights.

Thanks to the Sheriff’s Department for providing escort service and the pallbearers for packing mama out and to the grave and covering her. We appreciated all of you. Thanks to Brad Burckett for the memorial service and tribute to mama, it was special.

Jimmy Chilton we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for singing Billy Joe’s song he wrote for her. It made mama smile from heaven.

Special thanks to the great-grandkids and children for singing at the gravesite.

Again we would like to express our gratitude for all the kindness that each of you has shown our family,

Sincerly grateful,

Ralph Guffey,

Walter William Mclearran Jr.,

Billy & Kathy Mclearran,

Annette Gilpatrick, 


Jack and Jeannie Lafever