Tenure granted during School Board meeting

OCN screen shot

Upon being granted tenure, Wilson Elementary School teacher Sabrina Lane is hugged by her principal, Ashley Fisher, as Director of Schools Mark Winningham and School Board members applaud.

By Dewain E. Peek,

OCN Editor

Five educators were granted tenure during the Tuesday, Nov. 12 meeting of Overton County Board of Education.

Receiving tenure were Meghan Smith, recommended by A.H. Roberts Elementary School Principal Brandon Cross, Sabrina Lane, recommended by Wilson Elementary School Principal Ashley Fisher, Eddie Street, recommended by Livingston Academy Principal Richard Melton, Karen Tower, recommended by Livingston Middle School Principal Doug Smith, and Brandon Cross, recommended by Director of Schools Mark Winningham.

Also, Overton County’s 2020-2021 School Calendar was approved as follows:

July 29 – Teacher Inservice.

July 30 – Teacher Inservice.

July 31 – ACT mandated inservice for grades 6-12 teachers.

August 3 – Teacher Inservice.

August 4 – Countywide Inservice.

August 5 – Registration.

August 6 – Election Day, work day, no students (Discretionary Day 1).

August 7 – First full day for students.

September 7 – Labor Day. No school. (Discretionary Day 2).

October 12-16 – Fall Break.

November 3 – Election Day. No school.

November 11 – Veterans Day. No school.

November 25 – Parent/Teacher Conference. No students or teachers.

November 26-27 – Thanksgiving Break.

December 18 – Abbreviated Day.

December 21-31 – Christmas Break.

January 1 – Christmas Break.

January 4 – Teacher work day, no students. (Discretionary Day 3).

January 18 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day. No school.

February 15 – Presidents Day. No school. (Discretionary Day 4).

March 15-19 – Spring Break.

April 2 – Good Friday. No school.

May 25 – Last full student day.

May 26 – Abbreviated Day.

The School Board approved the bid from CDWG for 30 student devices for the computer coding class at $14,880.

And a bid from Howard for 40 monitors, keyboards, desks, and chairs at $11,355 was approved. This was also for the coding class.

The items for the coding class are being purchased through a grant at no cost to the school system.

Teresa Johnson informed the School Board, “We received the grant because Overton County is an ‘at-risk’ district, so we got $37,500.”

Contracting with engineering firm TTL for the Livingston Academy football stadium project was approved. Also approved was having TTL conduct a survey of the football stadium area.

Quarterly reports were approved.

Budget items were approved as follows: 2019-2020 IDEA discretionary supplement – original budget; 2019-2020 Consolidated Administrative Revision #1; and 2019-2020 Central Cafeteria Fund Amendment #1.

Compliance report for 2019-2020 LEA was approved. School Board member Jarman Hicks asked if the school district is in compliance.

Director Winningham said, “There is one thing that we are not in compliance fully with yet, but we’re in the process of doing that, and that is making sure that all teachers have a background check within a 5-year period. And we’re working on that now.”

Gail Martin Camp tendered her letter of retirement, effective November 16, 2019.

A field trip for A.H. Roberts Elelementary School was approved to allow Ms. Smith’s class to visit Nashville Children’s Theater on November 25.

Minutes of the October 8, 2019 meeting were approved.

Director Winningham informed the School Board that at the recent LEAD conference Overton County was recognized in Tennessee Pathways for Health Science.

“Tennessee Pathways is structured around three key elements that support student enrollment and success if post-secondary programs and those are high-quality college and career advisement through K through 12, rigorous early post-secondary and work-based learning opportunities in high school, and then the last one is seamless vertical alignment between K-12 post-secondary programs and career opportunities as a result of effective partnerships among school districts, higher education institutions, employers, and community organizations,” Director Winningham said.

He then presented an award from LEAD to Teresa Johnson on behalf of the school district.

Director Winningham also informed the School Board that the school system and Livingston’s Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) has been awarded a GIVE grant for a diesel mechanics program for high school students at Livingston Academy.

“It will be across the street over there where Cooper’s, I guess, garage, used to be where Rogers parked all there vehicles and stuff, it’ll be in that building over there,” Director Winningham said. “We’re going to refurbish that building, put new equipment in it, things like that, but that grant totals one million dollars. And so, it’s huge for our school system, but more importantly, it’s huge for our community and our students.”

The Fundraiser Report was issued to the School Board. Fundraisers approved by the school director are as follows:

A.H. Roberts


•General fund fundraiser: Promoting Santa pictures and hot cocoa to raise money for supplies and materials.

Allons Elementary

•Allons cheerleading team fundraiser selling old uniforms to raise money for cheerleading gear.

Livingston Academy

•LA boys and girls basketball fruit sales fundraiser to raise money for team travel and team clothing.

•LA band boosters Litte Debbie snack food sale fundraiser to raise money for band activities.

Wilson Elementary

•General fund selling old cheerleading gear during games for new cheerleading supplies.

•General fund drink tumblers (pre-order) for technology devices for classroom, classroom materials, and trips.

•General fund candy sales for technology devices for classroom, classroom materials, and trips.

•8th grade Krispy Kreme sales for classroom expenses.

The meeting adjourned.