Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn on Monday, Nov. 25 unveiled the state report card, an annual report designed to provide convenient access to the most important data and information about every school and district in Tennessee.

“Our goal is to provide Tennessee families, educators, community members, and public officials with information about the schools and districts they care about in a way that makes sense,” Commissioner Schwinn said. “The report card is another opportunity for the department to continue seeking input, listening to feedback, and continuously improving as a result.”

The online dashboard for the report card features a variety of information about how schools are performing and addressing the needs of students – information that is critical to understand as the department seeks to set all students on a path to success under its new strategic plan, Best for All.

The rating system shown on the report card provides a score of 0.0 to 4.0 on each indicator, similar to a GPA, with 4.0 being the highest. Families can click through to see more information behind each rating.

Primarily, the information is broken down into six main categories, which are as follows:

•Academic Achievement: Whether students are performing at or above grade level or whether the school improved from year to year.

In Overton County, Academic Achievement scores were: Rickman Elementary School – 3.4, Hilham Elementary School – 2.6, A.H. Roberts Elementary – 2, Allons Elementary School –2, Wilson Elementary School – 2, Livingston Middle School – 1.8, and Livingston Academy – 1.8.

•Student Academic Growth: Whether students are making progress from year to year.

In Overton County, Student Academic Growth scores were: Rickman – 2.6, Wilson – 2.4, A.H. Roberts – 2.2, Hilham – 2.2, Allons – 1.8, LMS – 1.2, and Livingston Academy – 0.

•Chronically Out of School: Whether students are absent more than 10% of the year.

In Overton County, scores were as follows: Hilham –4 (5.1%) LMS – 4 (8.8%), Rickman – 3.6, A.H. Roberts – 2.6, Wilson –2.4, Allons – 2, and LA – 1.2.

•Ready Graduate: Whether students are prepared for postsecondary education or career paths after they leave high school.

Livingston Academy scored 3.6 at 52.9%, which is higher than the state average of 40.3%.

•Graduation Rate: Whether students are graduating from high school on time.

Livingston Academy scored a perfect 4 on Graduation Rate.

•Progress on English Language Proficiency: Whether students who are English learners are making progress.

To view the state report card visit Tennessee Department of Education’s State Report Card website.