OCHR Board reviews audit findings

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Discussing the audit findings are, from left, Overton County Health and Rehab Director Jennifer Bouldin, County Commissioner Darwin Clark, accountant Jimmy Jobe, and County Commissioners Billie G. Phipps, Randall Boswell, Donna Savage, and Frank Martin.

By Jocelyn Clark,

OCN Reporter

Overton County Health and Rehab (OCHR) Board of Directors held a meeting on Thursday, Feb. 13 to address a couple of issues concerning a recent state audit of the faculty.

The meeting began with the reading of the minutes, along with the financial and administrative reports.

The OCHR board members then welcomed their accountant, Jimmy Jobe, to inform them of the findings during the state audit.

Jobe informed the OCHR board that there had been two findings made during the audit. The first finding dealt with patient credit balances. The finding stated that OCHR had accumulated patient credit balances that need to be issued back to Medicaid MCOs within 60 days. The audit found the OCHR had $26,000 in credit balances; however, $4,400 of that amount has been disputed, leaving the total amount that still needed to be issued back around $22,000.

Jobe made it clear that these accumulations would not lead to a reduction in revenue, it was simply money that had been over-collected.

OCHR administrator, Jennifer Bouldin, also mentioned that these were credit balances that have added up over the years, not balances that have only recently been gathering up.

Overton County Health and Rehab has begun the process of issuing the money back to Medicaid MCOs, with $14,000-$18,000 of the credit balances having already been issued back at the time of the meeting.

The second finding stated that some of the revenue for the faculty had been classified in the wrong categories on the cost reports. This mainly had to do with the classification of The Cottages. On the cost reports, The Cottages had been listed under the “Other” category when they should have been placed in the “Medicaid” category. This issue occurred in both 2017 and 2018; however, nothing has been negatively impacted due to this mishap.

OCHR stated that they have written a response to the state addressing the two findings, and it has been submitted.

A motion was then made to adjourn the meeting by County Commissioner Darwin Clark and was seconded by County Commissioner Randall Boswell.

Overton County Health and Rehab Board will meet again at 5 p.m. Thursday, March 26,