Letter to the Editor

The building, once a hospital many years ago, most recently used as “The Overton County Courthouse Annex” has been sold. For years it has held a special place in the hearts of many of those suffering from the disease of addiction, since, thanks to those in local government, The Livingston Group of Alcoholics Anonymous, as well as Al-Anon and other recovery related groups, were able to use a downstairs room there (at no cost) for our meetings, thus carrying the message of recovery to innumerable folks seeking help and not knowing where to find it.

To all those within local government whose friendship and understanding made it possible for us to use this facility, thank you for all of your help over the many, many years! We like to think (and very much believe) that many of us would not be alive (let alone alive and sober!) if we had not had a place to share our “experiences, strengths, and hopes” with each other. You have our everlasting gratitude.

We carry on now at a new location, but the message of recovery remains the same! We will meet at the Chamber of Commerce, Monday and Thursday nights at 7 p.m.

Yes, times change and locations change, but memories still remain. Thirty-plus years worth of memories of the meetings on University Street and of the support you’ve shown us.

As Bob Hope used to say, “Thanks for the memories!”

~The Livingston Group of Alcoholics Anonymous