Real Estate Transfers

Robert Cox and Tamara Cox to Edward Bachi and Connie Bachi, 6th

Walter Elam Jr. and Linda R. Elam to Jon Hamlin and Katie Hamlin, 3rd

James Smith and Patricia Smith to Sabrina Brazle, 7th

Steve Wright to Dakota Ray and Cierra Swingley, 3rd

Steve Cooper and Nancy Cooper to Paige Cooper, 6th

Barbara Fish and Thomas Fish to Michael Hewitt and Deborah Hewitt, 1st

Michael Savage to Randall Penticuff, 6th

Michael Savage to Sonya Kelley and Kenneth Kelley, 6th

Kenneth Wyatt and Connie Wyatt to Jerrold Pinter and Bonnie Pinter, 1st

Ralph Cravens and Lana Cravens to Russell Cravens, 9th

Michael Bowman to Edward Rogers and Linda Rogers, 9th

Esther Horst to Jeidy Andrus, 9th

Michael Skinner and Rebecca Skinner to Mike Marshall and Jennifer Marshall, 4th

Glenda Lewis to Joseph Henry and Erika Henry, 6th

Brian Hill and Christy Hill to Payton Long and Kayleigh Long, 12th

Bradley Lacey and Sheila Lacey to Bosser LLC, 11th

William Decker to Mark Crawford and Laurie Crawford, 7th

Carl Turner to Jeff Hunter, 6th

Kelly Williams to Austin Budzilek, 6th

Michael Savage to Eric Gaffney, 6th

Buddy Ledbetter and Sheliah Ledbetter to Doug Ledbetter and Cindy Ledbetter, 6th