Real Estate Transfers

James Kennedy and Rebecca Kennedy to Rebecca Gore, 6th

Dusty O’Donnell to Dustin Cooper and Hannah Cooper, 5th

Milllard Oakley to Stonecom Holdings, LLC, 6th

James Linder, Beuliah Miller, Ginger Stoves, and Jennifer Bruss to Seth Kilgore, 6th

Brandon Skiles and Angela Skiles to James Demps and Rhonda Demps, 6th

James Cornette and Heather Cornette to Michael Davis and Jeanette Davis, 6th

Eric Gentry to Stephen Gentry, 4th

Richard Love and Wilma Love to Clifford Cunningham Jr., Brandi Cunningham, and Sydney Cunningham, 6th

Mark Winningham and Tabitha Winningham to Jeffrey Neal and Kristi Neal, 6th

David Linder and Eddie Linder to Alyssa Clements and Adam Boucher, 6th

Cody Ledbetter and Angela Ledbetter to Devin Walker and Hannah Walker, 10th

Allons Church of Christ Trustees to Jerry Lancaster and Judy Lancaster

J.B. Harris and Gale Harris to James Harris and Lisa Harris, 5th

Elias Marrero and Ileana Marrero to Clement Tracol and Sandra Alocer, 6th

Caleb Bryant and April Bryant to Jackie Blair, 5th

James Roberson, Sr. and Carrie Roberson to David Short and Lisa Short, 2nd

Earl Kinnaird and Barbara Kinnaird to Tanner Palmer and Todd Palmer, 1st

Jennifer Van Hoene to Stephen Poore and Larissa Poore, 6th