Real Estate Transfers

Steven Linger to Two Moose Ventures, LLC, 2nd

Jackie Langford and Tina Langford to Clifford O’Keefe and Kneashia O’Keefe, 5th

Robert Gateley and Gina Gateley to Matt Doyka and Stephanie Doyka, 3rd

Angela Ray to Michelle Smith, 1st

Carolyn Hamlet to Michael Lane, 1st

Johnny Murphy, Jenny Murphy, Leesa Hayes to Jenny Murphy, 2nd

Harold Higgins and Lucy Higgins to Gary Allen, 6th

Wayne Fluegel and Ann Fluegel to Seth Franck, 6th

Gregory McDonald and Susan McDonald to Paul Keller and Beth Keller, 7th

Timothy Nolen and Haleigh Gibbons to Ronald Vandiver and Luann Vandiver, 6th

Theresa Kruger to Danny Baron and Pinnie Baron, 4th

Barry Farmer and Donna Farmer to Pino Cascarano and Heidi Cascarano, 5th

James Mitchell to Holler Media, LLC., 6th

Jerome Estes and Carol Estes to College Fund Properties, LLC, 6th

Bobbie Dubree and Teddy Dubree to Amanda McNeil, 7th

Dustin Cooper and Hannah Cooper to Robert Richardson and Mallory Richardson, 6th

Willard Delk and Sonya Delk to Scotty Hunter and Tammy Hunter, 11th

Aaron Cowgill to Sherri Day and Jamie Day, 5th