Real Estate Transfers

Sharlen Drake and Michael Flint to Brett Gibbons and Jammie Gibbons, 6th

Tennessee Mountain Acreage LLC. to Keith Cooper and Debbie Coleman, 9th

James Nevans and Christie Jones to Chase Evans and April Preston, 6th

Linda Sells to James Griffith and Kimberly Griffith, 7th

Judy Gussett to Andrew Bauman, 6th

Randy Petersheim to Sidney Clark and Bradley Jackson, 7th

Noel Key to Marty Maynord, 5th

Frank Kolarich and Mary Kolarich to John Gedwill and Joy Cohen, 4th

Myrtle Allen to Alexander Makovy and Lori Makovy, 3rd

Bridget Salazar and Alfredo Salazar to John Murphy, 6th

James Saxton to Aspen Moore, 9th

Alan Murphy and Anita Murphy to James Pippin and Mary Pippin, 6th

Frankie Ballenger and Phillip Ballenger tp Colby Roberts and Annette Leming, 9th

Fran Babb to Kenneth Peerbolte and Judith Peerbolte, 1st

Phillip McCormick and Betty McCormick to Jamie Long, 6th

Robert Boykin to Billy Davis and Amy Davis, 12th

Charles DeStefano and Maryann DeStefano to Sandra Vance and Michael Vance, 9th

Steven Williams and Christiane Williams to Charles Hooper and Ethel Hooper, 5th

Harold Dunn Jr. and Rose Dunn to Buddy Ledbetter and Sheila Ledbetter, 11th

Gary Fuller to Mike Porzelius, 11th

Patricia Matheny and Janice Chadwell to Larry Hancock and Anita Hancock, 11th

Robert Cook to Robert Hodge and Alice Hodge, 8th

Charles Minard to William Reader and Margaret Reader, 9th

Kenneth Cooksey Jr. and Cheryle Cooksey to Tyler Sidwell and Shannon Sidwell, 12th

Tiffany Coburn to Robert Burgess, 3rd

Larry Hyder to James Sweezy, 11th

Merle West to David May and Stefani May, 2nd

J & B Developers, LLC. to David Beaty and Monica Beaty, 1st

Tina Hinson and Jerry Hinson to Johnie Reels, 6th