Real Estate Transfers

Carl Honeycutt, Lee Bilbrey, Amber Honeycutt, Andrea Honeycutt, and Khristen Dickson to Greg Copeland and Sammy Copeland, 5th.

Deborah Deck, Donna Bournes, and Donnie Staggs to Lyndsey Buck and James Buck, 12th.

Randall White to Mark O’dell and Angela O’dell, 6th.

Randall Dunn and Pamela Dunn to Christopher Asberry, 1st.

Randall Dunn and Pamela Dunn to Tricia Legge and Ryan Avenall, 1st.

Terry Kingery and Crystal Kingery to Bradley Downs and Chelsea Downs, 6th.

Daniel Murray and Ann Murray to Laura Leon, 2nd.

Linnie Dilldine to Joey Dilldine and Donnita Dilldine, 12th.

Donovan Smith to Cory Yeagy and Kiley Yeagy, 11th.

Colene Ledbetter, Mary Howell, David Boswell, and Levoid Boswell to Gregory Ledbetter, 10th.

Lynn Garrett to Cary Mullins, Betty Mullins, and Julie Melton, 6th.

Mark Ogletree II and Nicole Ogletree to Robert Gunderson and Cynthia Gunderson, 6th.

Francis Franklin to Cody Cox and Jamie Whitside, 6th.

Justin Hunter to Nathaniel Presley, 3rd.

Carl Smith Jr. and Mary Smith to Bradford Brannon III and Christina Brannon, 2nd.

Pamela Blackburn and Robert Blackburn to Donna Ehresman and Francis Bania, 9th.

Luther Puckett III, Carolyn Puckett, Vivian Shurtz, and Mary Duewer to James Hummel and Debra Hummel, 6th.

Michelle Lusk and Kimberly Hite to Devin Walker and Hannah Walker, 8th.