Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security Commissioner Jeff Long and Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) Colonel Matt Perry on January 15 welcomed the newest graduating classes of Tennessee State Troopers, which included Jordan Danner of Overton County.

This was the first time in the department’s history that a regular 16-week trooper cadet class and an 8-week lateral trooper cadet class simultaneously attended training. The lateral class returned from their district assignments for the graduation ceremony that took place at Tennessee Highway Patrol Training Center in Nashville.

The 29 graduates of Trooper Cadet Class 121 included three prior law enforcement officers, 11 cadets with prior military service, five cadets with Associate’s degrees, 13 cadets with Bachelor’s degrees, and four cadets with Master’s degrees.

Lateral Trooper Cadet Class 1120 graduated seven trooper cadets composed of all prior Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) certified law enforcement officers. Class 1120 had two cadets with Bachelor’s degrees and one with an Associate’s degree.

Danner previously served with Livingston Police Department.

The new troopers completed intense physical and classroom training, which earned them their badges. The new graduates will continue their training with troopers classified as Field Training Officers, totaling more than 400 hours of hands-on experience in the field.

Governor Bill Lee served as the keynote speaker during the graduation ceremony and welcomed the class. Commissioner Long swore in the new troopers as they delivered their oaths of office in the presence of Gov. Lee.

“You are going to accomplish great things as you leave here today,” said Gov. Lee. “You will make a difference and you will save lives during your career.”

Commissioner Long added, “It was a great honor to join Governor Bill Lee as we graduated our new troopers. They went through extensive training and preparation. They came here not knowing one another, but they leave here with a new extended family.”

Danner was assigned to Cumberland County.

Bethel University presented a $5,000 scholarship to Trooper Melton Black. Trooper Black will serve at the Haywood County Scales in the Memphis District.

Trooper DeVonte Quinn of class 0120 and Trooper Thompson Stickler of class 1120 were named the top cadets for their respective class and presented with the Calvin Jenks Memorial Award for Excellence for their leadership, work ethic, and academics. The award was named in honor of the late Trooper Calvin Jenks, who was killed in the line of duty in January 2007.