Early voting preceded by paving

Darren Oliver/OCN photo

Those arriving at Joe L. Evins Community Center to vote early on Wednesday, Oct. 14, the first day of early voting, were met with crews paving the parking lots around the building. According to County Executive Ben Danner, the paving was supposed to have been done on an earlier day, but had various delays, and the 7 a.m. start time was necessary so grant money could be used to pay for the paving. The grant required the paving to have begun before early voting started.

In that first day of early voting, Craig Story, Administrator of Elections, reported 976 voters participating, which included 274 voting absentee by mail.

“It looks like it is going to eclipse voting from four years ago,” Story said.

The 2016 Presidential Election had 5,099 voting early in Overton County.

“I’m hoping for 7,000 this time,” Story said.

Through Saturday, 2,755 had participated in early voting, representing almost 19% of the county’s 14,534 registered voters, and early voting in Overton County had passed the 3,000 mark on Monday.