Big Hollow Wood Art and Engraving now open

Darren Oliver/OCN photo

Big Hollow Wood Art and Engraving is now open at 125 Big Branch Lane, Monroe, and specializes inn one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Wood art includes wooden products such as bowls or rolling pins created on a lathe and incorporates different species and often includes colorful resins. Engraving can be done on many different kinds of materials, with custom messages. Intarsia is also offered, which is an ancient art form using different species of wood chosen for their color and grain to be cut in many shapes, pieced together like a puzzle to form subjects such as birds and animals, flowers, scenes, and many objects. Above, Diana Copper holds a fall Intarsia piece and Jim Copper holds a wood and resin bowl and an engraving cup, while Booger lays on the floor at their feet. Jim Copper

Jim Copper


Diana Copper


125 Big Branch Lane, Monroe, TN 38573