Barlow announces candidacy for sheriff

Shane Barlow

Shane Barlow has informed Overton County News of his intent to seek election as Overton County Sheriff. Following is his statement.

“Hello everyone, I am Shane Barlow from Hilham, TN. I am asking for your vote and support in the upcoming Republican Primary May 3, 2022 election and your continued support and vote August 4, 2022 General Election for Overton County Sheriff.

“I grew up and was raised in Overton County. I take pride in calling Overton County my home. I reside in Hilham with my wife Crystal Hayes Barlow in the same house my grandparents Leonard and Ova Barlow built over 45 years ago.

“I have many ideas and visions on where I would like to see the Sheriff’s Department go.

“One of the many things I would like to change is the number of deputies on the road and cut down on response time for calls. I know firsthand having worked as a past deputy and sergeant of Overton County with only myself and one other deputy on duty to cover the entire Overton County area.

“Drug use and activity is also a big problem and concern of mine. If you haven’t been personally affected by it, you know someone who has, whether that is someone stealing from you, a family member or a neighbor. I believe the best way to combat drugs and drug activity is by dedicating a drug team that uses survelliance, neighborhood tips, search warrants, and other methods to bring those guilty of such criminal activity down.

“When kids can’t play outside because there is a house on their street that has and keeps an unusual amount of traffic frequently at all hours of the day and night, it’s time for a change. I plan to start a program to educate young, persuasive minds on the dangers and consequences of their actions, from drug use and other criminal activity altogether so they know they have other alternatives and help. When drugs are being discovered in elementary schools, it’s past time we took a stand and changed directions.

“I also plan to put in more training not only for the deputies, but the correction officers as well. I believe you are only as good as your training and education you receive.

“Early voting starts April 13 and I would be honored to have the opportunity to become your sheriff. Together we can make Overton County safe again. Thank you very much for your vote and support.”