What began as a shoplifting investigation became a case of false identity and ultimately arrest on an outstanding warrant.

Officer Jonathan Smith of Livingston Police Department was dispatched to Tractor Supply at approximately 11:24 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 21 on a possible shoplifting call.

Officer Smith saw the suspect vehicle leaving the parking lot, and spoke to the driver, Thomas Zumstein, and asked him to pull over to the side of the parking lot, out of the entrance to the business.

The passenger fit the description of a person who was suspected of taking a knife, according to Officer Smith.

“I asked for the man’s identification, and he stated he had none and gave me his name and date of birth,” Officer Smith stated in his report.

He told Officer Smith that he was Christian Zumstein, but no record could be found using the information given.

“The man then admitted that he had taken the knife and dropped it somewhere in the store because he was afraid because he knew he was being watched,” Officer Smith stated.

Moments later, the suspect gave him a Social Security number, but the number came back to a female in Clarksville.

“The man did admit to removing the knife (8 inch Camillus Multitool Folding Knife valued at 14.99 to 16.41 with tax) from its packaging in an attempt to remove it from the property to give it to his brother,” Officer Smith stated in his report. “Once we arrived at the police department, the man said he was lying to me and told me his true identity. The man’s name is Christopher Fruchey.”

Fruchey had an active warrant in Overton County for Failure to Appear and for Child Support Attachment.

“Mr. Fruchey said he was nervous and this is why he told the wrong name,” Officer Smith stated in his report.

Fruchey was arrested and taken to Overton County Justice Center.