By Dewain E. Peek,

OCN Editor

In a work sessioon held Tuesday, Nov. 12, Overton County Board of Education heard more information on the requirements for obtaining a JROTC program at Livingston Academy.

School Board member Mike Hayes had done some research and informed the School Board that 10% of the school enrollment must be interested in joining, or 100, whichever is less. LA has approximately 930 students.

“So, in order to have a program, we have to have at least 93, which is 10% of those, participate in the program,” Hayes said.

“Once you get that participation, you have to fill out an application, send it in to the Army. There’s only 1,709 programs nationally. They can only have 1,709 programs. So, once you fill out the application, you get approved, and you’re on a waiting list. And that way if another program or another school drops below the required mandated attendance or participation, then you would be next in line to go.

“Once you are in line to go, the Army provides a portion of the pay. You have to have one retired officer and one retired non-commissioned officer.”

Another requirement is a classroom.

“The Army does provide all the uniforms, all the equipment, all the automation, everything they need,” Hayes said. “The only thing the schools would be out would be a portion of the salaries of the instructors.”

Hayes asked for a survey of the LA students and the school systems’ seventh and eighth graders to find out the interest level.

Director of Schools Mark Winningham said the survey could be conducted.

On another topic concerning LA, School Board member Ricky Dodson asked for an update on the LA gym floor.

Director of Schools Mark Winningham said, “They have a temporary floor in place.”

He said additional pieces had to be added to the temporary floor to extend it to the bleachers on each end for safety purposes. But a permanent fix will take more time, and that will be addressed after the basketball season or possibly at the end of the school year.

“We don’t even know at this point exactly what the remedy is for the existing floor,” Director Winningham said.

Another topic of discussion was E-Rate money to upgrade infrastructure at Wilson and Rickman, which would require 20% funding from school system, which is around $9,000, according to Director Winningham.

A precise amount of $8,213.60 was later said to be the amount needed.

The item will be placed on next month’s School Board meeting agenda.

The work session closed.