Hicks elected School Board chairman, new LA sports facility moves forward

Eliza Clark/OCN screen shot

Jarman Hicks, front left, was elected School Board Chairman during the September meeting.

By Dewain E. Peek,

OCN Editor

Overton County Board of Education held the regular monthly meeting Tuesday, Sept. 8, and welcomed new members Mitchell Stonecipher and Wayne Taylor.

Stonecipher took the 4th District seat formerly held by Howard Miller, who chose not to run for another term, and Taylor defeated incumbent Mike Sullivan for the 2nd District seat.

The meeting began with Vice Chairman Ricky Dodson presiding because of the changeover.

To open up new business, School Board members elected Jarman Hicks as the new Board chairman.

Mike Gilpatrick was elected vice chairman.

At that point, Hicks took over conducting the meeting.

Stonecipher was appointed as TLN Representative.

A proposal for paying for a new sports facility at Livingston Academy was presented by School Board building committee chairman Mike Hayes. (See “Funding for new LA sports facility discussed” in this week’s sports section for more on the proposal.)

Diane Sadler made a motion to approve a 12-year bond in the amount of $8.9 million for the new sports facility, pending County Commission approval. Hayes seconded the motion. School Board members all said aye on a voice vote, with no one expressing dissention.

In other business, Cheryl Savage’s letter of retirement, after 45 years of service, was accepted, effective May 23, 2020.

Leave of absence was approved for Kim L. Dillon from September 2, 2020, to May 26, 2021.

Josh Johnson’s letter of resignation as Jr. Wildcats baseball coach was accepted.

Holding a surplus sale was approved.

The School Board approved 2020-2021 IDEA Partnerships for Systemic Change (K-12).

Tri-County Propane’s bid were approved at .889 per gallon, for a total amount being 33,000 gallons for a price of $29,337 per bid.

N&L’s bid for toner was approved.

Button Fire Extinguisher Sales’ bid for fire extinguisher service was approved.

Tamara Beckman’s bid for school audits at $7,000 was approved.

Universal Termite and Pest Control’s bid of $10,260 was approved fore pest control.

Bids from Shadden Tire Co. were approved at $260.37 each for 1100.22.5 radial tires, and $115 each for recapping.

Advance Auto Parts’s bid for Def fluid was approved.

The bid for anti-freeze, oil, oil filters, batteries, and fuel filters from NAPA was approved.

Minutes of the August 11, 2020, meeting and the August 20, 2020, special called meeting were approved.

The need for a surplus sale was discussed, and Gilpatrick asked that a different auctioneer be sought out because of potential conflicts with having a School Board member conducting the auction. Dodson has performed the auctioneer function in the past.

Before the meeting adjourned new members Mitchell Stonecipher and Wayne Taylor introduced themselves, then Chairman Hicks proposed dissolving the School Board’s committees.

“I’m not a big fan of committees,” Chairman Hicks said.

He said Board members are given a monthly budget report and if any questions arise they will go over it together. He also pointed out that the budget falls under the Director of Schools’ duties.

“If throughout the year there are bigger issues – the stadium, that type of thing – and we need one, we’ll put one together then,” Chairman Hicks said.

He asked that the building committee be dissolved, but that Hayes remain the contact person for the stadium project. No one expressed an objection.

He also called for dissolving the policy committee because Tennessee School Boards Association (TSBA) and Director Winningham keep the School Board up to date on needed policy changes.

Stonecipher asked clarification that Board members can bring up possible policy changes.

Chairman Hicks said, “That’s correct. Any of those you have questions on, we can go over it in a work session, we can do it in a meeting. On a policy, I prefer the work session because that way we can send it to the TSBA, which has legal advice and make sure those are compliant with the laws.”

School Board member Ricky Dodson asked that agendas be available at least a week ahead of time, and Hicks said he would try to have that done.