Halloween to be observed Saturday, safety tips offered by law enforcement

The Livingston Police Department and Overton County Sheriff’s Department issued a press release Monday, Oct. 25 stating that “Halloween will be celebrated on Saturday, Oct. 30 in Livingston and Overton County this year.”

Livingston Police Chief Greg Etheredge said, “As the Fall-O-Ween event will be on the same day, we believe that there will be a large number of young people out to celebrate this year.”

Etheredge, along with Overton County Sheriff John Garrett, offered many safety tips that parents and guardians should follow when taking their youngsters Trick or Treating.

• .Try to go before dark, make sure that the youngsters stay close to friends and family and do not trick or treat alone.

•Make sure your child’s costume fits to prevent trips or falls.

•Make sure to wear a bright-colored costume or outfit the costume with reflective tape or some type of glow-in-the-dark lighting.

•When crossing the street, please make sure to look both ways and watch out for vehicles backing in and out of driveways.

•Use reflective bags if possible.

•Parents/guardians should accompany children from house to house and go to each door with them. Only go to homes with porch lights on and never go inside a stranger’s house.

• Parents and/or guardians should inspect all candy before consumption.

•Motorists should anticipate Trick or Treating and adjust driving behavior, slowing down and paying more attention.

Sheriff Garrett said, “I would encourage all parents/guardians to check TBI and Family Watch Dog websites for possible sex offenders that may be living in the area where Trick or Treating is intended.”

Police Chief Etheredge said, “In addition to other locations in town, the Livingston Police and Fire Department will be set up to hand out treats at our station and Overton County EMS will be handing out candy at the Ambulance Service.”

Extra law enforcement officers will be on duty this weekend to help ensure that everyone has a safe and secure Halloween.