By Dewain E. Peek,

OCN Editor

Overton County Board of Education allocated funds for Tom Davis Memorial Stadium at Livingston Academy in the regular monthly meeting held Tuesday, April 13.

The School Board approved $4.3 million from fund balance for the Livingston Academy football stadium renovation.

Chairman Jarman Hicks said, “We’d already voted on going forward with this. This is just actually allowing the money from the fund balance to cover that. We are allotting that money from fund balance.”

Don Collins was approved as the structural engineer for the football stadium project.

In the work session that followed Tuesday’s business meeting, School Board building committee chairman Mike Hayes said a preliminary plan is expected to be ready in May or mid-June and will then be brought before the School Board for approval.

Hayes warned, “The price of everything has went up.”

If the number comes back over $4.3 million, then changes to the project will have to be made, such as capacity on the visitors side, according to Hayes.

Hayes also brought up the Livingston Academy Lady Wildcats softball team’s need of a new backstop.

He said the project is expected to cost around $4,800. TCAT has agreed to lay the block for the project.

Hayes said, “We give every club, sports team, whatever $1,000 every year. We spent $3,700 on heat for the baseball (field house), so I think it’d be fair if we gave them $3,700 or bought their block and paid for the footer, one of the two, and they could get their net on their own.”

He suggested putting it on next month’s agenda, and no one objected.