County Commission meeting held Monday

OCN screen shot

County Executive Ben Danner addresses the County Commission.

Overton County Legislative Body held the regular monthly meeting Monday, Sept. 13, with Commissioners Jesse Bowman, Gregg Nivens, and Shane Walker absent.

County Executive Ben Danner was unanimously re-elected chairman of the Legislative Body, and County Commissioner Billie G. Phipps was elected chairman pro-tem.

Resolution #2021-0913-01 was adopted concerning Judicial Commissioners, with Commissioner Savage passing on the vote.

“That’s reappointing Brittany Rogers and Mary Jo Robbins-Staggs,” Executive Danner said. “That also leaves another spot open to add a third person.”

Rogers and Robbins-Staggs’ terms will run from September 13, 2021, to October 31, 2022, with Rogers paid at a rate of $57.23 per day and Robbins-Staggs at $56.11 per day. The Public Safety Committee will recommend the third person to be hired, who will be paid at a rate of $55 per day.

Transferring a fountain and float kit from Millard Oakley Public Library to Overton County Health and Rehab Center was approved.

In her request letter, Library Director Cynthia Julian-Simmons stated, “These items were purchased for the library fountain, but after installation were too large in size and water consumption for that fountain. The previous pump wore out and that size was not being manufactured anymore. This was the next size up that the company recommended. After installation, the fountain was not returnable.”

Adding an employee to the Agricultural Extension staff was approved, with the county paying 22% of the new employee’s salary and benefits with the rest being paid by TSU.

Resolution 2021-0913-02 was adopted to exclude future part-time employees from participation in Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS).

Approval was given for a Department of Justice micro-grant for SRT body worn cameras for Overton County Sheriff’s Department, which requires up to a 50% match.

The following Archives Grants were approved:

•American Rescue Plan Act – Up to $5,000 with no match, for computer, printer, and scanner.

•Archives Development Grant through Tennessee State Library & Archives – $5,000 with up to a 50% match, for roller shelves, safe, and storage cabinets.

•State Board Programming – $5,000 with no match, for digital video, microfilm reader, and supplies.

Personnel policy changes was approved.

Items from the Highway Department, County Clerk’s Office, County Executive’s Office, and Election Office were designated as surplus.

County Quarterly Reports ending June 30, 2021, were approved, as recommended by the Budget Committee.

General Fund 101 Amendment #1 was approved.

Standing committees were appointed as follows:

Budget – Lee Richards, Darwin Clark, Randall Boswell, Billie Phipps, Donna Savage.

Public Safety – Lee Richards, Darwin Clark, Randall Boswell, Billie Phipps, Roger Carr.

Education – Lee Richards, Shane Walker, Randall Boswell, Philip Talley, Roger Carr.

Insurance and Delinquent Tax – Lee Richards, Shane Walker, Jesse Bowman, Philip Talley, Roger Carr.

Salary & Employee – Lee Richards, Darwin Clark, Randall Boswell, Philip Talley, Donna Savage

Agriculture – Gail McCowan, Randall Boswell, Donna Savage.

Solid Waste – Robbie Melton, Shane Walker, Gail McCowan, Philip Talley, Roger Carr.

Industrial Development & Planning – Robbie Melton, Jeff Long, Gail McCowan, Geraldine Walker, Roger Carr.

Veterans – Jesse Bowman, Billie Phipps, Robbie Melton, Donna Savage.

Adult Establishment – Lee Richards, Jeff Long, Jesse Bowman, Geraldine Walker, Donna Savage.

Fair – Robbie Melton, Darwin Clark, Randall Boswell, Billie Phipps, Donna Savage.

Ethics – Robbie Melton, Jeff Long, Jesse Bowman, Geraldine Walker, Roger Carr.

Highway, County Property, & Building – Lee Richards, Darwin Clark, Gail McCowan, Billie Phipps, Donna Savage.

Library – Robbie Melton, Jeff Long, Gail McCowan, Geraldine Walker, Roger Carr.

Audit – Robbie Melton, Tina Williams, Donna Savage, Dian Franklin, Nicole Cooper.

911 Board – Darwin Clark, Randall Boswell, Billie Phipps, Gregg Nivens, Colleen Tuck, David Gore, Ralph Robbins, Mark Pressley, Donald Wells.

Redistricting – Lee Richards, Jeff Long, Gail McCowan, Geraldine Walker, Donna Savage.

Appointed to the Nursing Home Board were Robbie Melton, 1st District, Darwin Clark, 2nd District, Randall Boswell, 3rd District, Billie Phipps, 4th District, and Donna Savage, 5th District.

Appointed to the Beer Board were Lee Richards, 1st District, Jeff Long, 2nd District, Jesse Bowman, 3rd District, Philip Talley, 4th District, and Roger Carr, 5th District.

Planning – Geraldine Walker, Jeff Long, Nicole Cooper, Ben Danner, Jimmy Johnson, James Norrod, Jim Means, Donald Wells, Tina Williams.

The following were approved as notaries at-large: Thomas A. Windle, Coy Padgett, Dalton Hall, Jim Evans, and Keith Gaw.

Minutes of the August 9, 2021 meeting were approved.

Water utility district commissioner appointment of Brenda Winningham to West Overton Utility District, from October 19, 2021 to October 18, 2025, was acknowledged.

Before the meeting adjourned, Executive Danner announced that the next regular County Commission meeting will be held Monday, Oct. 18 because of Columbus Day being the second Monday of the month, when the Legislative Body would normally meet.