By Dewain E. Peek,

OCN Staff

Overton County Legislative Body held the regular monthly meeting Monday, Sept. 9, with Commissioners Randall Boswell and Gail McCowan absent.

County Executive Ben Danner was unanimously re-elected chairman of the Legislative Body, and County Commissioner Darwin Clark was elected chairman pro-tem.

With the dissent from Commissioners Geraldine Walker and Shane Walker, standing committees were appointed, effective immediately, as follows:

Budget – Frank Martin, Darwin Clark, Randall Boswell, Billie Phipps, Gregg Nivens.

Public Safety – Frank Martin, Darwin Clark, Randall Boswell, Billie Phipps, Gregg Nivens.

Education – Jean Moore, Shane Walker, Randall Boswell, Philip Talley, Gregg Nivens.

Insurance and Delinquent Tax – Jean Moore, Shane Walker, Jesse Bowman, Philip Talley, Donna Savage.

Agriculture – Robbie Melton, Donna Savage, and Randall Boswell.

Solid Waste – Jean Moore, Shane Walker, Gail McCowan, Philip Talley, Lee Richards.

Industrial Development & Planning – Robbie Melton, Jeff Long, Gail McCowan, Geraldine Walker, Lee Richards.

Salary & Employee – Frank Martin, Darwin Clark, Randall Boswell, Philip Talley, Lee Richards.

Veterans – Jesse Bowman, Billie Phipps, Robbie Melton, Donna Savage.

Adult Establishment – Jean Moore, Jeff Long, Randall Boswell, Geraldine Walker, Donna Savage.

Highway, County Property, & Building – Frank Martin, Darwin Clark, Gail McCowan, Billie G. Phipps, Gregg Nivens.

Fair – Robbie Melton, Darwin Clark, Jesse Bowman, Billie Phipps, Donna Savage.

Ethics – Robbie Melton, Darwin Clark, Jesse Bowman, Geraldine Walker, Lee Richards.

911 Board – Frank Martin, Randall Boswell, Billie G. Phipps, and Gregg Nivens.

Library – Jean Moore, Jeff Long, Gail McCowan, Geraldine Walker, Lee Richards.

Audit – Dick Ward, Robbie Melton, Tina Williams, and Donna Savage.

Appointed to the Nursing Home Board were Frank Martin, 1st District, Darwin Clark, 2nd District, Randall Boswell, 3rd District, Billie Phipps, 4th District, and Donna Savage, 5th District.

Appointed to the Beer Board were Jean Moore, 1st District, Jeff Long, 2nd District, Jesse Bowman, 3rd District, Philip Talley, 4th District, and Gregg Nivens, 5th District.

Resolution #2019-0909-01 was adopted re-appointing Brittany Rogers as judicial commissioner at $46.17 per day, and appointing reserve judicial commissioners Mary Jo Robbins-Staggs, Stefanie Dishman, and Jacob Misenhimer at a beginning rate of $45.26 per day. Commissioner Donna Savage passed on the vote.

The salary schedule was changed for “Evidence” to be the same as courtroom officer, as recommended by the Salary Committee.

County General quarterly financial reports ending June 30, 2019, were approved, as recommended by the Budget Committee.

The following were added to surplus to sell or dispose:

•Highway Department – 780 Ingersoll Rand Paver to sell on govdeals.

•Register of Deeds – filing cabinet to be destroyed.

•Library – computer no longer in working condition to be destroyed and copy machine to be destroyed.

•Sheriff’s Department – broken chairs to be destroyed.

•Sheriff’s Department vehicles – 2011 Crown Victoria (salvage title); 2011 Crown Victoria (bad transmission); 2010 Crown Victoria (bad transmission); 2010 Crown Victoria (rear differential out); four other 2010 Crown Victorias; 2000 Ford truck (high mileage); two 2010 Ford Explorers (bad air conditioners); 2010 Ford Explorer; 2010 Ford Explorer (bad transmission).

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) grievance procedure was approved.

Downtown Revitalization Committee was authorized to continue to make courthouse lawn improvements. The current plan ended August 31, 2019, and this would be in effect for another five years, according to Executive Danner. The committee recently applied for the grant for the improvements.

An Archives Grant in the amount of $5,000 for roller shelves was approved, with no matching funds required.

Minutes of the August 12, 2019 meeting were approved.

Stable Road was added to the “Emergency Purposes Only” road list, as recommended by the Highway and Property Committee.

Commissioner Clark said, “That’s in Hilham, behind the old barbecue place.”

The following were approved as notaries at-large: Marla Kay Etheredge, Charles Maynord, Melissa Conner, Christine Nere-Foss, and Jared Garrett.

The following water utility district commissioner appointments were acknowledged:

•West Overton Utility District – Jesse Maurice Copeland (October 19, 2019 to October 18, 2023).

•North Overton Utility District – Phillip Clouse (October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2023).

Before the meeting adjourned, Executive Danner announced that the next regular County Commission meeting will be held Monday, Oct. 21 because of Columbus Day being the second Monday of the month, when the Legislative Body would normally meet.