By Jocelyn Clark,

OCN Reporter

Livingston’s historic courthouse square is in the works of getting a makeover, which will come sometime in the near future.

As a part of this renovation, a few things will be shifted and placed in new locations on the square. The Veterans Memorial, cannon, and flagpole are among the things that will be moved slightly.

Currently, the Overton County Veterans Memorial sits at a 45-degree angle to Main Street and East Court Square, along with the cannon sitting next to it and the flagpole in the center. After the renovation, these items will be in noticeably different spots. The Veterans Memorial will be placed so that it is parallel to Main Street and East Court Square.

In the center, the canon will take the place of the flagpole, and instead of one flagpole, there will be two, with each one on either side of the walkway that leads up to the courthouse.

Ray Evans, chairman of Livingston’s Downtown Revitalization Committee, mentioned there would be, “a number of little nuances like that.”

“Before we even applied for this grant, Mayor Hayes and I sat down with representatives from both the VFW and the American Legion,” said Evans.

He said they wanted to be very thorough when running the new ideas by them, explaining everything in detail.

“We wanted to be sensitive to them,” he said.

Evans mentioned that after speaking with the organizations, both were very supportive of everything that was being done.

This renovation will be made possible by a grant that was awarded to Livingston by the state of Tennessee.

The city’s goal is to bring more people into the area with these new improvements so everyone can enjoy what downtown Livingston has to offer.