Beautification Award presented

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This property at 301 East University Street has been awarded the Beautification Award.

The Beautification Award for this quarter presented by the Envision Livingston committee goes to property located on 301 East University Street in Livingston that has recently undergone a transformation.

The work was brought about by a corporation listed as College Fund Properties LLC. The goal of this corporation headed up by Russ Scott and Scott Geist is to bring homes back to life, and to provide high-end rental structures within the city limits of Livingston.

Two duplex homes are presently situated on the University Street property. Some of the history of this property begins with the year 1914. A previous dwelling house is believed to have been located there at that time. In 1914, Mrs. Leona Looper sold the property to B. H. Hunt and wife, Ida Hunt. Mr. Hunt was a practicing attorney in Livingston at that time.

According to records in the office of the Assessor of Property of Overton County, it wasn’t until 1938 that a two-story concrete block/stucco home was constructed on a portion of the property.

In 1943, William E. Smith bought that home from the Hunts. It wasn’t until 1969 that an additional duplex was constructed on the property.

Elmo Eubank and wife, Margaret Bilbrey Eubank, once owned the home, as did Mrs. Lillie Ashburn.

Over the course of the following years, the property changed hands more than a dozen times.

With the passing of time, both homes eventually fell into a state of disarray, with one being taken over almost completely by weeds and vines. But the young men who make up this corporation saw the potential and the much needed process of saving both homes was started.

Interior demolition began in January and both homes were gutted. The only thing that remained were the exterior walls and the framing for the roof.

The finished results of both homes can be readily seen with the bold paint color on one structure and the polished look of the other.

This corporation has additional work going on with the purchase of a Preston Street home formerly owned by the late Raleigh Needham and wife, Nola Mae Needham. Plans are also underway for renovation of two other properties, one on Church Street and another on North Goodpasture Street in Livingston.

Nominations for the next Beautification Award, which will be for the holiday season in December, can be made either on the Envision Livingston Facebook page, or by picking up a nomination form in the lobby of the Livingston-Overton County Chamber of Commerce office.