UCHRA provides Food Pantry Box for the community

Emily Gillentine/OCN photo

Announcing the new Food Pantry Box are, from left, UCHRA employee Pam Huddleston and Beth Stevens, along with Mountain Barn Builders employee Liz Hammond, and UCHRA Overton County Coordinator Sandra Carter, who all helped to get the Food Pantry Box up and running for the community.

By Morgan Walters,

OCN Staff

Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency has been working the last several months on a project to help those in need in Overton County by providing the community with a Food Pantry Box.

The Food Pantry Box will be stocked with food items, hygiene products, pet supplies and other items as UCHRA has them in supply. Along with UCHRA, Mountain Barn Builders has been helping to get the Food Pantry Box up and running, and would like to see a Food Pantry Box in every community in the Upper Cumberland.

Sandra Carter, Overton County Coordinator for UCHRA asked, “If anyone in the community or churches would like to donate items please bring them to the Livingston UCHRA office on 106 Henson Street between 8 a.m. - 4:30.”

Carter also said, “I would like to give a special thanks to UCHRA employes Jeff Moles and Susan Walsh for their help with the Food Pantry Box.”

UCHRA hopes to grow the Food Pantry Box and work toward having a full food pantry in the community in the future to be able to help those in the community who are in need of food and other items.

Anyone in need of more than the Food Pantry Box provides may contact UCHRA at (931) 823-7323 or come by the Livingston UCHRA Office.