Poet’s Corner

by Jewell Turner

Here she works in her vegetables all summer long

Waiting and watching the weather

While the bees hum and the birds sing a song

She finds a satisfaction here

That she can find no where else on earth

Here she can feel close to nature

It gives her a feeling of accomplishment and worth

She worries and works through all the summer days

Talking about what she’s got to do

And what the weatherman says

No time to get mad or be blue

She puts her heart into her work

And a lot of work into this spot of ground

Nearly every morning here she can be found

She may be in pain and not hardly able to go

But her garden she needs to tend so her vegetables will grow

Someday the time will come

When her working days are over

And she will tend her garden no more

Bless her Lord and not let that happen

Until deaths shadow around her hovers

Until she leaves for a peaceful shore.