Library Updates by Cynthia Julian-Simmons

Help enliven your child’s skills and education by checking out one of our STEAM kits. Steam kits help teach science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics in a fun hands-on way. Contents of the kits vary, but many have more than one activity and a book on topic. These kits can be checked out for two weeks, one per family.

Topics include:

Balance Beans: Seesaw Logic Game; Balancing; Blocks; Circuit Maze Electric Current Logic Game; Clue Master Logical Deduction Game; Coding; Coding; Colors; Constructing; Counting; Critical Thinking Logic Game; Electricity; Fiddlestix; Fraction & Decimals; Gears; IQ Fit; K’NEX Education Building Solution; KNEX Imagine Power and Play Motorized Building Set; Letters; Light & Prisms; Magnets; Makey Makey; Molecules; Multiplication; Music; Numbers; Patterns; Roller Coaster Challenge; Shapes and sizes; Sorting; Space Station; Structures: bridges; Vehicle Building Kit; Visual perception; Simple machines: levers and pulleys

New items added to the library:

Adult Fiction

The family journal by Carolyn Brown; The Jane Austen society by Natalie Jenner


Graphic Fiction

Field trip; Aster and the accidental magic


Backyard Poultry Magazine; Consumer Reports Magazine; Food network magazine.


Monster High: Electrified; Learning about Numbers; Learning to Share; The Prophet