Identical triplets born in NJ

Mark Bodrog and Gabriela Mosquera of Gloucester Township, NJ, were expecting but they weren’t expecting to make headlines when their newborn triplets turned out to be identical. Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC] said identical triplets are a rarity with odds as high as one in 200 million.

As for these newborns, according to their proud dad, “They’re from the same egg, sharing the same placenta with three separate amniotic sacs. It’s so rare. There are hardly any case studies on it.”

He said that before the triplets, Anastasia, Olivia, and Nadia, were born, the hospital of University of Pennsylvania chimed in offering prenatal and delivery care. “They said, ‘You guys are coming here. We want to do this pregnancy. It’s so rare. Highly, highly risky’.”