Marriage Licenses

Fred Stanfa and Tiffany Goode, both of Minor Hill

Evan Sells and Abigail Hertz, both of Cookeville

Teresa Murphy and Willie Breeding, both of Cookeville

Stephen Keisling of Cookeville and Carley White of Livingston

David Baggerly and Kayla Malone, both of Hilham

Carl Laasch and Jeanette Caldwell, both of Livingston

Jakob Craig and Tessa Bilbrey, both of Livingston

Jonathan Farmer and Trista Nelson, both of Cookeville

Adam Dyck of Port Robinson, Ontario, Canada and Kendra Hershberger of Monterey

Kelly Deming and Ashley Jones, both of Livingston

Clarence Clairday and Laura Meadows, both of Rickman

Mason Bilbrey of Monterey and Allison Housley of Clarkrange