Poet’s Corner

by Jewell Turner

Many years ago our founding fathers came

To a new land not for wealth or fame

But for freedom to worship God

For this, many souls on this new land trod

This nation was built on God We Trust

And was then an example of the true and just

Many folks struggled and did their best

And through the years were really put to the test

But God in his mercy has blessed our nation

And given us cause for celebration

Now the enemy has come inside

It’s time a determination is made

Can we really say In God We Trust

What are the things we value the most

Let us turn back to God

Like our forefathers who once here trod

If we’ll turn again to the one true God

And stand up for what is right and good

Putting prayer back to guide us and do what’s right

Then God may still save us with his mercy and might