Details for Special Services Provided By Overton County Schools

Special Services Provided By
Overton County Schools
Overton County Schools are committed to providing
opportunities for all children, age 3-21, to be successful
during their educational program. The local efforts to
identify children and youth are part of a concentrated
statewide Child Find effort to identify children who
require special education.
Special education services are available to eligible
children with a disability who may be experiencing
difficulties in an educational setting. Eligibility is based
on the state of Tennessee Special Education guidelines.
Categories include: multiple disabilities, orthopedic
impairment, speech and/or language impairments,deafblindness, vision impairment, deafness, functionally
delayed, hearing impairment, developmental delays,
autism, emotional disturbance, intellectual disability,
intellectually gifted, specific learning disability, traumatic
brain injury and other health impairment. All services
are provided to the children at no cost to parents.
Additionally, children who are in state’s custody, who
may be homeless or attending private schools may be
eligible for services if they meet eligibility criteria.

Please contact Lydia Flatt at the
Overton County Board of Education Central Office
for more information.


2/12/1tc • PO# 142-8737