Agriculture News 

by Jason Garrett, UT Extension Agent

The Tennessee Agriculture Ag Enhancement Period will run from October 1st through 7th. This is the only time applicants can send in their application. Applications can be mailed or filled out online. Overton Extension has application booklets available and can aid with applications if needed. Call Jason at (931) 823-2735 for questions or assistance.


Small Ruminant


The Upper Cumberland Extension Team is hosting the annual Small Ruminant Conference for interested sheep and goat producers Friday, Oct. 1 and Saturday, Oct. 2 in White County. Topics to be covered include grading, lamb and kid management, health, farm tours, predation control, and more. Individuals attending this event can be TAEP approved or just come to learn about small ruminant production. Please call Jason at Overton Extension for registration and details at (931) 823-2735.

It’s time

to get your lawn

ready for spring

Its often thought all the necessary practices to get a lawn looking good starts in the spring. Seeding, fertilizing, and liming just to name a few. But, that’s not the case. One needs to start these practices this late summer and early fall to have a good-looking lawn when spring arrives in 2022.

The first step is taking a soil test of the lawn. This will tell what fertilizer blend and amount to apply. Also, it will check the soil Ph and give lime recommendations if needed. Soil PH needs to be around 6.5-6.8 to grow good grass. If lime is added to the lawn, it will take around 6 months to build up the PH level. So, if the lawn needs liming, a fall application will be activated by next spring.

Fall fertilization of lawns builds up the grass root system through the winter months. Grass needs phosphorus and potassium in the fall with less emphasis on nitrogen. A good, deep root system helps ensure heathy grass for next year.

The correct time to overseed or sow a tall fescue lawn is late-summer or early fall. UT recommended seeding dates are August 15th- October 1st as the optimal time. UT as well as myself does not recommend sowing tall fescue at any other time of the year. Seeding can be stretched till October 15th if needed. When overseeding, pull an aerator or plugger over the lawn leaving small holes. When this is done apply fescue seed on the lawn. Seeding rates should be 5-10 pounds per 1,000 square feet depending on the amount of existing grass in the lawn.

Now that the lawn is overseeded, there are a few things to watch out for. If leaves fall on new grass, blow them off quickly as possible before fall rain matts them down. Mulching leaves on a new lawn with mower will damage the new grass. Also, raking can damage the grass. If the lawn has to mowed, mow it carefully and mow it 4 inches or higher.

When late winter/ early spring arrives in 2022, it will be time to apply fertilizer again. Spring fertilization will focus on nitrogen to promote growth. Also, one must consider cool season weed control options. And always mow the lawn high. This keeps the lawn heathy, chokes out weed growth, and can help prevent drought stress in lack of rain.

If you are wanting a nice lawn next spring, I highly suggest you work on it soon. If you do these practices this fall you will be on the correct path to having a nice lawn next spring. For any questions or help call Jason Garrett at Overton Extension at (931) 823-2735.

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