4-H News by Nicole Marrero, UT Extension Agent

This year’s speech contest was one to remember! Since the pandemic, just like our members, 4-H has had to grow and change to become accustomed to a virtual world. Our community truly understands the importance of learning how to communicate effectively from an early age. Special thanks to the Livingston Rotary Club for donating $600 and to Judge Daryl Colson for donating $500! Since this year’s contest went from a whole day affair to a virtual contest, we dispersed the money donated and gave our youth cash prizes. We would like to thank each school, its educators, and its staff for helping 4-H make this event possible. Over 90 students from Overton County participated in the contest.

4th Grade Results

1st Place, Mahala Lantry, WES; 2nd Place, Aubrey Brandy, RES; 3rd Place, Brenna Gore, RES; 4th place, Aubrey Garrett, AES; 5th place, Braxton Burr, RES

5th Grade Results

1st Place, Willow Wright, LMS; 2nd Place. Nevaeh Skelton, LMS; 3rd Place, Diamond Randolph, RES; 4th Place, Zoey Flowers, LMS; 5th Place, Kealee Gilbert, LMS

6th Grade Results

1st Place, Jackson Clouse, AES; 2nd Place, Elisabeth Ledbetter, RES; 3rd Place, Aubry McLearran, AES; 4th Place, Abbigale Huckeby, HES; 5th Place, Grady Garett, AES

7th Grade Results

1st Place, Tatum Pendergrass, RES; 2nd Place, Karlee Strong, HES; 3rd Place, Calla Pierce, RES; 4th Place, Ava Phillips, RES; 5th Place, Eliana Tudhope, HES

8th Grade Results

1st Place, Leah Cross, HES; 2nd Place, Colton Robbins, RES; 3rd Place, Carlie Alberson, HES; 4th Place, Abby Garrett, HES; 5th Place, Allie Reagan, RES

11th Grade Results

1st Place, Sarah Waites, LA; 2nd Place, Cora Duke, LA; 3rd Place, Mahalah Boone, LA.

12th Grade Results

1st Place, Michaela Bianco, LA; 2nd Place, Madison Bowman, Home School

We are so proud of all our participants. More photos and videos are located on the Overton County 4-H Facebook page, www.facebook.com/oc4htn starting February 12, 2021.

First and second place participants will be representing Overton County in March at the sub-regional contest. If your child ordered a public speaking contest shirt, they are now available for pick up at the UT Extension Overton office, 312 W. Broad St, STE 6, Livingston, TN 38570. E-mail nmarrero@utk.edu to schedule a pickup time.