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80 Years Ago


Football Preview '07 Page 1

Overton Co. Outlaws Cheerleaders announced
Senior Outlaws team ready for new season
Junior, Junior B Outlaws prepare for new year
Junior ‘Cats to face another rebuilding season this year

Overton Co. Outlaws Cheerleaders announced

Members of the 2007 Overton County Outlaws Cheerleaders are, kneeling from left, Kristen Addison, Allison Nimmo, Virginia Miller, standing, Coach Paige Qualls, Candice Sells, Audrey Maxfield, and Savannah Carr.

Members of the 2007 Overton County Outlaws Junior Varsity Cheerleaders are, kneeling from left, Cammie Sells, Victoria Carr, Kaylee Hargis, standing, Coach Alli Brady, Ryann Dillon, Emily Carr, and Jessica Allred.

Members of the 2007 Overton County Outlaws Junior B Cheerleaders are, front row, from left, Cierra Swingley, Julie Rich, Bethany Reagon, Autumn Nimmo, Jackie Savage, back row, Coach Ashley Peterson, Kayla Winningham, Bailey Walker, Katlyn Phipps, Claris Copeland, and Hannah McDonald.

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Senior Outlaws team ready for new season

Members of the 2007 Senior Outlaws football team are, in alphabetical order, #19 Bobby Allred, #53 Ethan Beechboard, #18 Josh Blodgett, #24 Tyler Brown, #55 Matthew Burnette, #87 Logan Clark, #32 Deven Copeland, #90 Thomas Crawford, #34 Joey Creekbaum, #28 Loren Crowder, #68 Darian Davis, #56 Wade Eldridge, #22 Daniel Flatt, #74 Dalton Gore, #80 Peter Hollars, #20 Hunter Hutchins, #85 Mason Jolley, #13 Jake Masters, #41 Hunter McDonald, #64 Wade McDonald, #1 Elijah Miller, #45 Jacob Norrod, James Owens, #7 Seth Parker, #71 Austin Qualls, #4 Kaleb Qualls, #58 Seth Ray, #21 Davis Robinson, #23 Jordan Savage, #50 Tommy Spurlock, #92 Dilan Stacy, #76 Casey Thompson, #8 Gage Vaughn, 73 Jacob Weilenman, #86 Storm Wright, and #25 Dylan Young. Coaches are Shane Qualls, David Sadler, David Clark, William Hutchins, Matt Copeland, Keith Parker, Sandy Thompson, Shannon Eldridge, and Curtis Hayes, Head Coach.

By Beth Underwood,
OCN Sports

They may have lost a lot of talent at the end of last season, and this year’s team may be young, but Outlaws football teams will take the field with experience.

“We lost one of, if not the best teams, talent-wise, that we’ve had with 10-11 year-olds in several years. The result of that was a championship,” said Coach Curtis Hayes. “This year’s team is very young, but it’s an experienced team of 10-11 year-olds who’ve played together for 3 years. The difference is we’ll have starters who are 10.”

In the 8-9 division, Hayes said a couple players have moved up from Junior B, while 95 percent of last year’s starters moved up to the 10-11 year-old team.

“We’ve got a question mark beside the 8-9 year-olds,” Hayes said. “Question marks at key positions.”

Among the players to look out for, he said, will be Carter Hayes, Tanner Dillon, Michael Castle and Dillon Linder, who’ll be the senior player in that age group.

The 10-11 year-olds include the all-star offensive arsenal of Caleb Qualls, Jordan Savage, Logan Clark, Peter Hollars, and Mason Jolly.

In all, 85 players will suit up on the three teams. And as the pre-season practices heated up, so did the weather.

“That first week of practice, it was 85-90 degrees and overcast,” the coach said. “I told them, ‘guys, enjoy this.’ The conditioning is over with now, though, so that’s huge. We’re running hour-and-a-half practices right now, running our offense to fine tune, very little hitting, and plenty of water, obviously.

In their first showing of the season, the Outlaws teams headed to the LRH Sports Medicine Football Jamboree at TTU, and were the first to be on the field’s brand new artificial surface.

“The refs really worked with us, making sure the kids got plenty of fluids,” Hayes said. “And the kids were so excited to be on that field.”

The Junior B kicked things off against Fentress County with a 10-minute continuously running clock.

“This is a very instructional team,” Hayes said. “They played hard. Wade Neely scored our only touchdown on a run with 2 minutes to go.”

The final score was 6-6.

The 8-9 year-olds came up scoreless on both sides, with costly penalties marring the match-up.

“It seemed like every time we’d get a 15-yard gain, we’d get called back for holding or clipping,” Hayes said. “We’re an average ball team and can’t afford to make big mistakes. We’ve got a lot of work to do – we’ve got to get better, and keep working on the fundamentals.”

Hayes also pointed out that the team is made up of 11 kids who’ve never played together on the same team at the same time.

“We’re having to bring them together,” he added. “We’ll be looking at Dillon Linder to carry the load for the season, and trying to get a supporting cast around him.”

Like the Junior B team, The 10-11 year-olds left the field in a 6-6 tie.
“They looked like the best team we’d put out on the field,” Hayes said. “But again, it was costly penalties that kept us from scoring multiple times.”
Because they’re young teams, they’re bound to make their share of mistakes this season, Hayes said. “But don’t discount these groups because they’re young. I think in youth football, you have a mix of emotions, and you’d be surprised how much they’re in sync – how emotional they can get from a win or loss – not to mention how much a team can come together by the end of the year.”

Senior Outlaws Schedule

Date time opponent site
August 25 6 p.m. Smith Co. Away
Sept. 1 6 p.m. Cannon Co. Away
Sept. 8 noon DeKalb Co. Home
Sept. 15 noon Clay Co. Home
Sept. 22* noon Pickett Co. Home
Sept. 29 TBA 1st Round Playoffs
Oct. 6 TBA 2nd Round Playoffs
Oct. 13 TBA 3rd Round Playoffs

* Homecoming
website: www.leaguelineup.com/mtyfc

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Junior, Junior B Outlaws prepare for new year

Members of the 2007 Junior Outlaws football team are, in alphabetical order, #5 Donnie Allred, #61 Jarrid Bell, #52 Joshua Beu, #47 Kamren Blankenship, #63 Wesley Carr, #3 Michael Castle, #12 Tanner Dillon, #41 Ethan England, #36 Jakob Ford, #10 Blake Goolsby, Drew Gore, #2 Carter Hayes, #17 Peyton Hogue, #49 Cody Jackson, #47 Lance Jackson, #27 Dylan Linder, Benjamin Maxfield, #9 Chase Meadows, #40 Austin Miller, #37 Xander Miller, #32 Ethan Reagan, Justin Rich, Chayce Roberts, #43 Zach Smith, #16 Eli Thompson, #46 Kobe Trail, #82 Blake Walker, #23 Stone Wright, and #58 Andrew York. Coaches are Ronnie Linder, Steven Castle, Chad Dillon, Jeff Sells, and Curtis Hayes, Head Coach.

Members of the 2007 Junior B Outlaws football team are, in no particular order, Mitchell Ayers, Cody Cantrell, Jacob Carr, Hunter Conatser, Chris Ferrell, Tyler Fletcher, Brody Johnson, Jarrett Key, Chase Looper, Wade Neely, Blake Qualls, Jason Savage, Chance Spears, Jacob Swallows, Joseph Thompson, and Thomas Trevino. Coaches are Mark Neely, Jack Johnson, Alan Carwile, Casey Looper, and Curtis Hayes, Head Coach.

Jr. Outlaws Schedule

Date time opponent site
August 25 5 p.m. Smith Co. Away
Sept. 1 5 p.m. Cannon Co. Away
Sept. 8 11 a.m. DeKalb Co. Home
Sept. 15 11 a.m. Clay Co. Home
Sept. 22* 11 a.m. Pickett Co. Home
Sept. 29 TBA 1st Round Playoffs
Oct. 6 TBA 2nd Round Playoffs
Oct. 13 TBA 3rd Round Playoffs

* Homecoming
** Junior B Team will play 1 hour before scheduled time listed.
website: www.leaguelineup.com/mtyfc

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Junior ‘Cats to face another rebuilding season this year

Captured Forever photo
Members of the 2007 Junior Wildcats football team are, in no particular order, Eric Gray, M.J. Lockhart, Jacob Kirkpatrick, Ricky Lisi, T.J. Hammock, Jonathan Ledbetter, Brandon Roup, Anthony Woolbright, Matt Cyphers, Tyler Shirley, Jacob Kinnard, Lucas Dial, Jim Officer, Lucas Daily, Beau Garrett, C.J. Ramsey, Troy Walker, Justin Davis, Josh Melton, Tyler Burnett, Daniel Booher, Cody Thrasher, Lucas Reagan, Brock McCoin, Creed Hayes, Bubba Jolley, John Michael Dishman, Hunter Sells, Jordan McCoy, Will Hutchins, Cory Hamilton, Conner Oliver, Beau Carr, Cody Coffman, Dustin Matthews, Blake Vaughn, Zachary Buell, Heath Thompson, Jordan Thrasher, Morgan Mayberry, Matt Mullins, Ronnie Linder, Colby Gore, Seth Ford, Hunter Dixon, Tyler Mitchell, Jesse Carr, Lucas Voss, and Nathaniel Smith.

Linemen have a tough assignment and getting in shape is most important. The blocking sled is one tool used to not only get power in the legs, but to point out just how tough it is to move opposing linemen.

OCN Sports

With only eight players returning from last year’s 6-3 season, the Junior Wildcats will again face a rebuilding season, but with 60 candidates showing up for practice the first day, veteran head coach Terry Melton is optimistic about the upcoming season.

With only a few days of practice, Melton can’t say for sure what’s in store for the Jr. Cats this season, but he knows the mission of the program and in that respect, he and his staff are more than ready to take on the challenge.
“Naturally we want to win games at this level,” the coach pointed out, “but our major job here is to teach the fundamentals of football to all our players, some who have never played the game before, so that they can move on to the high school and be ready to step in even as freshmen and contribute. This phase of the learning process is very important. More so than the record we end up with.”

Perhaps that’s the truth, but in 34 years of coaching, Melton isn’t sure of his record off the top of his head, but he’s sure his teams have won over 80% of their games.

And just to make sure his youngsters have no misgivings about how important it is to learn the game properly and to learn from tough opponents, Melton has added Sparta and Tompkinsville, KY, to the schedule to make sure no one thinks the game is too easy.

“Sparta will be strong simply because they have so many kids to draw from,” the coach pointed out. There are about 700-800 kids in the 7th and 8th grades over there; so they will show us just how far we have come when we play them past the mid-point of the season. We play Tompkinsville early; so we can see just how far we need to go. I think those two games will be good for us.”

Like his counterparts at Livingston Academy, Melton is faced this year with a very young and inexperienced team, but early indications are there is a lot of spirit throughout the team. Of the 64 candidates that answered the call on opening day, only 4 have left the team.

“That’s a good indication of what we will be dealing with this season,” Melton continued. “On those hot days at the start of a season, you usually find out in a hurry who wants to play and who thought they wanted to play. We will probably lose a few more, but I think we will retain most of what we have now.”

With more 7th graders on the team than any other class, the young Cats will have to develop early. The backfield includes quarterback Creed Hayes, running backs Beau Carr, Brock McCoin, and Corey Hamilton. Hayes, Carr, and McCoin are 7th graders while Hamilton is a 6th grader.

“That’s a very young backfield, and that’s one of their weaknesses,” Melton added, “but they are quick and they are determined. If I could feed them a few potatoes and beans and put a little weight on them, I think they would be just fine.

“Actually, I think as the season progresses they will get better and better.”
Ricky Lisi, Josh Melton, and Garrett Beau will bring some experience and size to the offensive and defensive line, while Lucas Dailey and Tyler Burnett will add seasoning to the defensive backfield.

“Those are players we have returning, and we will look to them for leadership, which is just as important as experience,” Melton continued. “There is no substitute for leadership, as I learned when Wilson Cates came here in the sixth grade. You have to find out who will lead and then let them take charge. “

Other players the Junior Wildcats will be looking to for stability include Jacob Kinnard, T.J. Hammock, C.J. Ramsey, Cody Thrasher, Bubba Jolly, Morgan Mayberry, and Ronnie Linder.

“Just from what I’ve seen so far,” Melton pointed out, “those youngsters have potential, and there will be others as we get into the season. That’s what this program is all about. We take kids with little or no football experience and teach them the fundamentals of the game.

“We will win some and we will lose some, but in the end, it’s our job at this level to prepare these youngsters to move over to the high school with a good strong basic understanding of the game.”

Asked to predict this year’s record, the coach looked around and paused.
“As young as we are, I would like to think we will win at least half of our games,” Melton said, “but we have a tough schedule and it could be less than that, but be assured that every kid on this team will give his best and that’s all we can ask of them. If they do that, we will have accomplished our mission.”

And aside from a winning record, what would Melton like to see?
“I would love to see the grandstands full of fans,” the coach continued. “We raise most of the funds we need from our gate receipts, so it’s important that the community support us as best they can. Our players today will be the ones we will watch on Friday nights when they get to high school.”
Assisting Melton this season will be his son, Cody Melton, who played at Livingston Academy and has attended University of Tennessee at Martin where he played one season before transferring to Tennessee Tech.
Steve Mosley will coach the offense. He went to Tennessee Tech and played for Coach Melton when he was head coach at Livingston Academy.

Mark Lee will coach the offensive and defensive line. He teaches at LA.
“I am fortunate to have these fine coaches working with me this year,” Melton concluded. “They are all dedicated to the game and dedicated to teaching, and they know how to motivate. It will be a rewarding season for everyone.”

The Junior Wildcats play all their home games on Thursday nights at the Livingston Academy stadium.

Junior Wildcats Schedule

August 23 Tompkinsville, KY Away
August 30 Macon County Home
September 6 Baxter Away
September 11 Smith County Home
September 13 DeKalb County Away
September 20 Jackson County Home
September 27 Sparta Home
October 4 York Away
October 11 Cannon County Away
October 13 Championship Game York

* All games start at 6:30 p.m. and home games are played at LA.

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