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80 Years Ago
Moments In Time
Special Issue January 2001


Overton County

William A. Chilton is elected Sheriff of Overton County.

Overton County Marriage Licenses December, 1904
Tilden Gore and Serena Masters.
S.C. Whitaker and Mary Jane Smith.
Millard Walker and Etter Ramsey.
Ernest C. Stockton and Verna Willeford.
J.S. Meadows and Flora Richards.
James M. Young and Ann Poston.
W.F. Story and L.B. Ledbetter.
Arthur A. French and Oda Cantrell.
Joe Bob Hooten and Lille Goodpasture.
Lannie E. Qualls and Bessie Knight.
H.C. McCaskill and Willie Williams.
Bedford Boles and Ova Bailey.
John Ridley Carmack and Laura Byers.
William J. Webb and Belle Thompson.
J.V. Gore and Permelia Phillips.
Wm. Joseph Murphy and Lillie Mae Bilbrey.
W.P. Miller and Ressia Chilton.

The population of Overton County is 15,000.
A new jail is built on West Broad Street.

Overton County is 100-years old.
J.A.M. White is elected Circuit Court Clerk.
Jube O. Collins is elected Sheriff of Overton County.
The Overton County Library Association is established.

Livingston College is incorporated.

A post office is established in Rickman.

The first class, 4 boys and 2 girls, graduates from Livingston Academy.
Livingston College is renamed Livingston Academy.

The following named officers are scheduled to hold an election at the regular voting precincts in each of the districts of Overton County on the 26th day of August, 1911.

1st District
Officer, J.T. Willeford; Clerks, Frank Swallows, G.C. Peek, Judges, Lee Copeland, Wm. Anderson, and Ben Danner.

2nd District
Officer, George Phillips; Clerks, E. Thompson, C. Carmack; Judges, Arthur Curtis, Sam Webb, and Charley Gregg.

3rd District
Officer, Joe Lea; Clerks, S.D. Bilyeu, S.C. Ward; Judges, John Cook, W.A. Ayers, and James Myers.

4th District
Officer, Bob Chilton; Clerks, Jess Cole, Tom Chilton; Judges, J.J. Upton, Wylie Sullivan, and M.P. Garrett.

5th District
Officer, G.V. Cooper; Clerks, Charley Verble, Jess Little; Judges, Sam Steward, Ben Eldridge, and Center Bowman.

6th District
Officer, Col. Gore; Clerks, A.K. Lea, W.C. Deck; Judges, B. Eubank and Jim McDonald. 7th District Officer, Gilbert Ramsey; Clerks, Porter Carlock, Joe Holman; Judges, John Wisdom, George Chowning, and James Martin.

8th District
Officer, Joe Verble; Clerks, Joe Lee, G.W. Kimes; Judges, Abe Copeland Sr., Turney Qualls, and W.A. Norrod.

9th District
Officer, James Hensley; Clerks, F.A. Norrod, Elmer Simcox; Judges, Gea Phillips, Arter Phillips, and Reuban Padgett.

10th District
Officer, Joe Bilbrey; Clerks, E.M. Smith, Thomas Simcox; Judges, A.P. Vaughn, Abe Kines, and Bill Linder.

11th District
Officer, John Sweat; Clerks, Bill Snow Windle, Ridley Mullins; Judges, L.T. Davis, S.K. Garrett, and V.S. Little.

Arrival at Algood Eastbound
Knoxville Day Express, No. 1 daily, 1:01 p.m. Knoxville Night Express, No. 3 daily, 1:32 a.m. Westbound Nashville Daily Express, No. 2 daily, 3:13 p.m. Nashville Night Express, No. 4 daily, 1:32 a.m.

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Wylie Sullivan is elected Sheriff of Overton County.

The Enterprise is renamed the Livingston Enterprise. Before being renamed The Enterprise, the weekly paper was published as the Overton County Enterprise.

Alvin J. Carr is elected Sheriff of Overton County.

Wirmingham School opens.

The population of Livingston is 1,500.

Prof. J.M. Dean, Boy's Corn Club organizer, will lecture in Livingston Saturday. Let's all turn out and give the Boy's Corn Club a big boost for there is no one thing in the whole agricultural life that will be of more lasting benefit than a successful club of this nature.

In Livingston From February 1895

Little Herman Estes has been sick this week.

There are some efforts being made to incorporate the town.

Jas Heson is able to be out again after man weeks confinement from a horse kick.

Miss Josie Coward left this morning for Columbia, KY, where she will take charge of a paper for this year.

J.B. Dale moved into his new cottage Saturday.

Bob Officer has been apointed Clerk and Master by Chancelor T.J. Fishe. Mr. Officer is a young man with a Judicial cast of mind and will mane an efficient officer.

Several Drummers are in town: Wick Cannon, Lem Robbins, and Giltem Maxwell.

Married on Feb. 13, Isham Richards to Miss Etta Bilbrey.

A reunion of Confederate and Union soldiers is held in Livingston. Among those attending are William Hunter, William Smith, Martin Phillips, John Singleton, Calvin E. Myers, Ben Harris, R.L. Burks, Jimmie Thomas, Ben Frank Smith, George Dillon, James Estes, and Overton Gore.

Electric power comes to Livingston.

County Register Aubrey Dale, son of Capt. A.L. Dale, dies Monday, October 15.

The Golden Age, a weekly newspaper, begins publication.

The following Overton County men are inducted into military service in November: Alfred Cooper, John B. Nivens, Minus Lee Cravens, Willie Herman Hawkins, Earnest Terry, Jas W. Ramsey, Roy Howard, Lee T. McCormack, Pete Hite Windle, Claud T. Keisling, Sammie Webb, Sherman E. Garrett, Willie Thomas Sewell, Alex J. Hammock, Farley White, Frank McDonald, Thomas A. Geisling, Ridley B. Matthews, James Beaty, Benson Seber, Uns Allen Cole, John W. Ford, Willie Dickerson, Elvs Carter, Amos Winningham, Lee Copeland Hammock, and Less Kennedy


The following OVERTON COUNTY MEN are inducted into military service in May: Chester B. Wilson, John T. Nelson, H. Smith, Horace Warden, Willie T. Haycock, Booz Garrett, James Fred Creasy, James C. Swack, Sheridan Wilson, Elmer A. Langford, Granville H. Simcox, Thomas L. Oakley, Virgil Beaty, Herman D. Peek, Clovis H. Smith, Joe Poston, Edd Eldridge, Aaron Ray, Oscar L. Poston, George B. Honeycut, John H. Ringley, William Rueben Reeser, Issac T. Sewell, Willis Matthews, Elmer W. Brown, Charles H. Vanmeter, Milton B. Daniel, Mike A. Phillips, Eddie Webb, Ezra Bilbrey, Charles D. Hill, John B. McCulley, Archie W. Green, Hassel A. Oakley, Fred Bowman, John Copeland Setser, John L. Reeser, Stoneman Newberry, Ernest H. Brooks, David G. Holman, Issac B. Lynder, Tracy B. McCormack, William T. Masters, Herzhel Crabtree, Ernest A. Ashburn, Burtell C. Glasscock, George F. Rose, William Kenley West, Hester B. Bilbrey and Robert L. Ferrell.

Judge A.H. Roberts is elected Governor of Tennessee.
John Hart Jr. is elected Circuit Court Clerk.

J. Oliver Matthews is elected Sheriff of Overton County.

The Golden Age, a weekly newspaper, is renamed the Overton County News. „H.C. Coleman becomes editor of the Overton County News.

Emit Conaster is elected Sheriff of Overton County. 1924

Ernest C. Stockton is elected Sheriff of Overton County.

Albert F. "Pat" Officer is elected mayor of Livingston.

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Boys, sized 6 to 16, 79¢ pr. Men's, full cut, 96¢ pr. Men's work shirt, 59¢ Men's heavy work shoes, $1.95 pr. OVERTON SUPPLY CO.

Livingston Academy Graduating Class, 1927
Marjorie Parrot
Artie Hinds
Robbie Gunnels
May Langford
Kathleen Bussell
Zodell Hill
Bessie Reneau
Grace D. White
Gladya Bilbrey
Georgia Matthews
Eliza Davis
Glayda Bowmer
Audria Holman
Elmer Shoemake
Roy Parrott
Roy Eubanks
Luther Smith
Ito Smith
Hershel Hinds
George Knight
Paul Copeland
Halsey Bowmer
Forrest May

S.F. Johnson is elected Sheriff of Overton County. „A high school is built in Rickman.

via Alpine, Crawford, Twinton and Davidson
LEAVE Livingston 6:30 a.m.
ARRIVE Wilder 8:00 a.m.
Back in Livingston (connecting with Red Line)
Buses at 11:00 a.m.
LEAVE Livingston 1:15 p.m.
ARRIVE Wilder 2:30 p.m.
Back in Livingston 6:00 p.m.
Livingston, Tennessee


Frank T. Williams is elected Circuit Court Clerk.

Albert F. "Pat" Officer is elected to the state senate.

William Robert Officer, president of the Citizens Bank & Trust and owner of the Livingston Enterprise, dies.

Dr. L.F. Zachary, 63, dies at his home in Livingston. Surviving are his wife and three children; Oren B. Zachary, Bethel O. Zachary and Mrs. Uldean Huddleston, wife of P.B. Huddleston. He is survived by one brother, J. Polk Zachard, and two sisters, Mrs. S.M. Walker and Mrs. J.L. Reagan.

Perry H. Windle is elected Sheriff of Overton County.

Jacob J. Shelton, 92, an ex-Confederate soldier known to many as "Uncle Jake," dies at his home in Booz. He was the oldest living man in Overton County. His passing leaves only one remaining ex-Confederate soldier in Overton County, Arkley F. Christian of Hilham.

Sells Evans, 83, died at his home in Livingston on Christmas Day. He came from a pioneer family, being a son of Paddle Evans, who was murdered at his home in 1863 by a band of Federal guerillas. His mother was Lottie Hill Evans, who died a few years ago at the age of 91 years.
He was married three times, first to Miss Marth Robbins. To this union, two children were born, Mrs. Lindsay West and Willie Evans.
His second wife was Miss Jane Ledford.
His third marriage was to Miss Margaret Rocker, to whom five children were born: James, Albert, Mrs. Ed Brown, Mrs. Edgar Allison, and Miss Rose Evans.
He is also survived by 23 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren, and one brother, Andrew Evans.
Active pallbearers were: Milton Moredock, Page Hill, Dr. A.B. Qualls, L.E. Ledbetter, Arlice Hodges, and S.F. Johnson.
Honorary pallbearers were: Judge L.D. Bohannon, R.L. Mitchell, W.H. Boswell, Cleo Hodges, Owen Zachary, J.M. Garrett, Ernest Duncan, Robert Officer, J.Y. Spicer, Carl Maynord, Chancellor C.J. Callom, Cecil Rowe, Artie Hodges, Quitman Morgan, Roy Eubank, A.R. Ward, Ben H. Hunt, S.B. Smith, E.D. White, Jas. H. Myers, Carl H. Mofield, C.D. Mitchell, W.L. Holman, Dr. T.A. Langford, Phillip Myers, James W. Henson, Horold Bagwell, John R. Moore, Pat Officer, Earl Hodges, and John T. Stonecipher

A bridge is constructed over Flatt Creek.

Funeral services were held for Jonah F. Howard, 85, the oldest citizen in the Fourth District of Overton County, who died at his home near Timothy Wednesday, July 17. He was a former Justice of the Peace, holding the office for 12 years. He was also a former deputy sheriff, serving under sheriff J.O. Collins and Sheriff J.O. Matthews. He is survived by three sons, Buckie, Tilden, and Cleveland, and one daughter, Mrs. George Bilbrey.

Paul Arney, 18, was struck by a bolt of lightning Saturday while sitting on the back porch of the Arney home during an electrical storm. He was unconscious for a short period, but was attended by Dr. J.D. Capps and soon recovered.

Good Gulf Gasoline
21 cents per gallon
Winningham Tire Company

Seven Receive Degrees Seven Overton County residents will receive degrees at college this year. Those graduating from Tennessee Polytechnic Institute at Cookevile re Alvin Clyde Bilbrey, Hester Lucile Bilyeu, John Langford, Lelia Ann McDonald, Georgie Lee Matthews, and Floy Estelle Sells. Rose Hart Dale of Livingston received her B.S. degree at Translvania University at Lexington, Kentucky.

WINTER COATS $6.95 and $9.95
GALOSHES - 98¢ pr.
SMITH & HOLMAN "Dependable Merchandise"

Livingston Academy enrollment is 258.

Judge A.F. "Pat" Officer has been declared the Democratic Nominee for the office of Chancellor by the Democratic Executive Committee of the Fourth Chancery Division of the State. His name will be placed on the ballot used in the August elections.

Announcing the Opening of
Saturday, Feb. 27
Pencils 1¢ each
Tablets 2 for 5¢
Fancy Handkerchiefs 1¢ each
Rubbing Alcohol 15¢
Buttons 4¢ card
Shorts and Shirts, Hanes 29¢ each
Prints, Fast Color 12-1/2¢ yd.
Peppermill Print 19¢ yd.
Brown Domestic 10 yds. 87¢
Overalls $1.09
Bed Spreads 69¢ each
Ladies Princess Slips 25¢ up
Ladies Silk Dresses $1.98 up
Work Shirt 39¢ up
Men's Work Shoes $1.25 up
N.E. Corner Public Square.....Next Door to Post Office

Maiburn A. Allen is elected Circuit Court Clerk.

J. Thurman Warren is elected Sheriff of Overton County.

Mrs. Alice Gunnels Clark 78, widow of Crit Clark, died Wednesday, January 19. Surviving are five children: Mrs. Ammer Arney, Mrs. Sallie Harwood, Mrs. Mary Lou Murphy, William D. Clark, and J. Turney Clark; sisters: Mrs. Vestine White and Mrs. Lou Martin, and one brother: Joseph Gunnels. Funeral services were held at Plum Grove Cemetery, Duncan Bottom, in Pickett County.

George Scott Boswell, 90, died Saturday, June 25. Burial was at the Good Hope Cemetery in Livingston. He was a son of Richard Boswell and Mrs. Amanda Sisco Boswell, both early settlers of the West Fork section of this county. His wife, whose maiden name was Sallie Hampton, died a few years ago. He was elected Sheriff of Overton County in 1882 and 1884. Surviving are daughters: Mrs. Stella Windle and Mrs. Daisy Copeland; and two sons: Walter H. Boswell, former Country Court Clerk and present postmaster at Livingston, and Norman Boswell. Survivors also include nine grandchildren and ten great grandchildren and two brothers: John Boswell and Wheeler Boswell.

J.A. Oakley is appointed first County Attorney.

Issac Denton Bilbrey, 82, of the Independence community, died Thursday, Feb. 6. He was the son of the late Easley Bilbrey and Mrs. Amanda Bilbrey. His wife, Mrs. Lizzie Stinson Bilbrey, died four years ago. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Enice E. Phillips and Mrs. Ida B. Billings, and three sons, Benton H. Bilbrey, Edward Lee Bilbrey, and William Coe Bilbrey, and one brother, Soloman Bilbrey, and 19 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. Burial was at the Nelson graveyard in the Seventh District.

Arkley F. Christian, the last surviving Confederate soldier in Overton County, dies.

Vernon C. Little is elected Sheriff of Overton County.

Construction of a bridge over the Obey River, connecting Livingston and Byrdstown, is completed.

Cloyd Arney Promoted To Rank Of Captain Brigadier General Winslow O. Morse, commander of the Chinese American Wing of the Fourteenth Air Force, has announced the promotion of Cloyd L. Arney to the grade of Captain in the Air Corps, serving in China. Captain Arney was born in Johnsonville, Tennessee, on November 10, 1919. He attended high school in Livingston and the Tennessee Polytechnic Institute at Cookeville, Tennessee.

James Lakin Maynord, 86, who had operated a hotel in Livingston for more than 40 years, died Sunday, July 1. He was married to Miss Jane Howard in 1879, who died about 15 years ago. Survivors include daughters, Mrs. W.A. Ownsby, Miss Allie Maynord, and Mrs. O.N. Sellers; sons, P.W. Maynord, Carl Maynord, and Hershel Maynord; and one brother. Burial was in the Good Hope Cemetery. Active pallbearers were Albert Evans, James H. Myers, Charles Poindexter, Wm. O. Sewell, Frank Speck, and A.M. Keeton. Honorary pallbearers were Luther Jernigan, Homer Stonecipher, Chas. D. Mitchell, Dr. W.M. Brown, B.H. Hunt, J.Q. McDonald, Addison Bilbrey, and C.C. Taylor.

Former Governor of Tennessee A.H. Roberts dies June 25.

Jimmie Moore is elected Sheriff of Overton County.

A hospital is constructed on University Street.

Wilmouth Davis is elected Sheriff of Overton County.

E.B. "Boots" Smith is elected Sheriff of Overton County.

Fire destroys the high school in Rickman. A new building is constructed.

Overton County Marriage Licenses December, 1951
Clarence Ferrell and Hazel Choate.
Jimmy Sells and Helen Gore.
McCoy Smith and Roberta Nolen.
Cecil Speck and Joyce McDonald.
E.C. Reagan and Jo Adell Hagan.
McKinley Garrett and Teola Breeding.
Charles L. Eldridge and Ottie L. Marrow.
Floyd Hammer and Electa Johnson.
Dayton Cravens and Nora Norris.
William F. Judd and Louise Breeding.
J.C. Wilson and Ruby Colene Hammock.
John T. Estap and Lilly Mae Burchett.
Harvey Crawley and Poly Scott.
Homer L. Looper and Geneva McCormick.
Roy Lee Collins and Oleta Frances Smith.
Norman Loye Hill and Roxie Johnson.
Foster C. Reed and Velma M. Edwards.
Billy Ray Dillon and Nora Etta Lacy.
Ernest H. Moody and Claudine Philips.

Jackie Morgan, yeoman seaman, USN, formerly of Rickman, is now serving with the 103rd Naval Constructino Battalion on Guam, in the Marianas Islands. Before joining the Navy, Morgan attended Rickman High School.

Grocery prices, Overton County: sugar, 10 lbs. - 95 cents; coffee, 65 cents/lb.; jello - 9 cents/box; flour, 25 lbs. - $1.79; potatoes, 10 lbs. - 59 cents; margarine - 25 cents/lb.; bath soap, 4 bars - 23 cents; Tide, giant size - 79 cents; and lard, 8 lbs. - $1.65.

Mrs. Mattie Goolsby Mofield, 84, wife of A.J. Mofield, died Tuesday, Jan. 8. Mrs. Mofield was born in Granville and moved to Livingston about 45 years ago. Besides her husband, she is survived by three daughters: Mrs. Mamie Arnold, Mrs. Pauline Howard, and Miss Bess Mofield; two sons: Carl Mofield and Harry Mofield; one sister, Mrs. Betty Bryan; two brothers: John A. Goolsby and Isham Goolsby, and four grandchildren. Burial was in the Good Hope Cemetery.

Fire destroys the Livinston Academy gymnasium. Construction of a new gymnasium is completed the following year.

Overton Restaurant
Kitchen opened for inspection at all times.
Home-made Pies - Baked Every Day
Home-made Rolls - Cornsticks and Hot Biscuits
Well Cooked Dinner Each Day
All Kinds of Sandwiches
Chicken Salad Made Fresh Daily
Country Ham and Hot Biscuits
A Specialty
Only Choice Steaks, Chops and Shrimps

Mrs. Mattie Christian, 83, died at her home in Hilham, on Monday, September 28. She was the thidr wife of Arkley F. Christian, a Confederate veteran who died on February 24, 1943, at the age of 96.

Scheduled to arrive on the West Coast September 25, after 7 months in the Far East onboard the USS Navasota, is Allon White, seaman, USN, grandson of Mrs. Addie White of Livingston. The Navasota has completed four tours of duty in Korean waters.

Ernest West is elected Sheriff of Overton County.

Radio station WLIV broadcasts its first program.

The Overton County Jail is destroyed by fire. A contract to build a new jail is awarded to Johnny Webb Construction Company.

L.V. Cope is elected first General Sessions Judge of Overton County.

Elliott Copeland, 85, died at his home Friday, Dec. 25. His reputation of being able to make anything out of wood or metal was widely known. Survivors include his daughter, Miss Alta Copeland, and two brothers, Billy and Elzie Copeland.

Alex Carr is elected Sheriff of Overton County.

MOVIES RITZ THEATER Thurs. - Fri., January 7-8 Lou Costello "THE 30 FOOT BRIDE OF CANDY ROCKÓ Wonder-filmed in Amazoscope Saturday Only ŅGUN BATTLE AT MONTEREY" with Sterling Hayden Sun. - Mon. ŅBLUE DENIMÓ Carole Lynley Brandon DeWilde Tues. - Wed. ŅTHE BEAST OF BUDAPESTÓ UNCENSORED! The blood bath that shook the world! SKYLAND DRIVE-IN THEATER Saturday Double Feature Program John Agar ŅTHE FRONTIER GUNÓ plus ŅTOM THUMBÓ Russ Tamblyn - Alan Young

Robert B. McDonald, son of Mr. and Mrs. Benton McDonald of Livingston, has recently been assigned to the 5th Training Regiment at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, which is under the command of Lt. Col. William R. White.

Construction of the Overton County Nursing Home begins.

Lloyd Carmack is elected Circuit Court Clerk.

Ernest West is elected Sheriff of Overton County.

J.A. Oakley is elected General Sessions Judge.

Bobby Huddleston is elected Circuit Court Clerk.

W.L. Gillentine is elected Sheriff of Overton County.

Benjamin Harrison Hunt, former mayor of Livingston, superintendent of schools, county attorney, and member of the election commission, dies.

John A. Turnbull joins the law firm of Roberts and Roberts.

May 11: The first edition of the Overton County News, J.D. Eldridge, editor-publisher, Larry Eldridge, associate editor, Sue Eldridge, society editor, and Howard Coffman, shop superintendent, is published.

Livingston Academy teachers: Kenneth R. Stephens, principal; Carl H. Boatman, Thomas W. Brown, James E. Cobble, Martha Copeland, June Davis, Polly Garrison, Billy G. Gaw, Bobby Graves, Katherine Hale, Mavin Heard, Lucille Hyder, Melvin Johnson, Roberta Looper, Glen Masters, Juanita Moody, Margaret Miller, Evelyn Oakley, Hugh Ogletree, Arley H. Poston, Loretta Qualls, Thomas A. Tucker, Mary Sadler, Albert Smith, Jeanette Smith, Derward Vaughn, Lois Warren, and Sue Young.

Overton County Grocery Prices: hot dogs, 39¢; bacon, 59¢/lb.; chuck roast, 37¢/lb.; pork ribs, 49¢/lb; Pepsi Cola, 3 cartons 10 oz. bottles, $1.00 plus deposit on bottles; cake mix, 3 boxes, 84¢; 7 oz. spaghetti or maccaroni, 10¢/box; coffee, 65¢/lb.; flour, 25 lbs., $1.69; yellow corn, 5¢ ear; pole beans, 25¢/lb.; new potatoes, 4 lbs., 29¢; sugar, 10 lbs., 99¢; carrots, 10¢/lb.; fryers, 19¢/lb.; picnic hams, 33¢/lb.; bananas, 7¢/lb.; eggs, 29¢/doz.; stewed tomatoes, 4 cans, $1.00; and vegetable oil, 48 oz., 69¢.

Rile Brown of Hilham killed a 48 inch rattlesnake Thursday, Aug. 10.

James Eldridge is elected Sheriff of Overton County.

Hillard H. Roberts is elected General Sessions Judge.

Mrs. Della Ledbetters, 70, widow of the late Benton Ledbetter, R-3, Livingston, died December 21 at the Lady Ann Memorial Hospital. Born January 13, 1898, she was the daughter of the late Jim and Lissie Cravens Garrett. Survivors are a son, James Ledbetter; three daughters, Mrs. Delsie Dial, Mrs. Elsie Stover, and Mrs. Anna Ward; 18 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. Burial was in the Garrett Cemetery with Speck-Hyder in charge of the arrangements.

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For Sale - 3 bedroom house with bath on 100x250 lot, 608 Doak Street, $6,500.

Mrs. Louise Modena Eldridge, 73, died May 19 at the Overton County Nursing Home. Born in Overton County, June 18, 1895, she was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Greenwod. She was the widow of Albert Eldridge. Survivors are four daughters, Mrs. Ruby Greenwood, Mrs. Essie Adams, Mrs. Estie Moss, and Mrs. Sarah Jenkins; two sisters, Mrs. Belle McCulley and Mrs. Jonah (Susie) Hall; fourteen grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Burial was in Old Union Cemetery.

John Roberts is elected General Sessions Judge.

Out in Utah, we hear a scientist is trying to cross a sponge with a potato. It may not taste like much, he says, but it will hold a lot of gravy. -Cracker Barrel News by J.D. Eldridge

January 21
John Turnbull, bowling with the Smith's Flower Shop team, is the "Men's League Bowler of the Week."

Monday night ladies league - Lerlene Coleman, Speck Bros. Hardware team; Bethel Wilson, Coca-Cola team.
Tuesday night men's league - James Bilbrey, Livingston Motor Co. team; Bill Winebarger, Parkway Motel and Rest. team.
Wednesday night men's league - Void Padgett, Stewart's Bi-Rite team; Grady Stewart, Stewart's Bi-Rite team.
Thursday night ladies league - Kay Killman, Livingston Dairy Queen team; Sandy Walker, Simcox and Copeland team.
Thursday night men's league - John Turnbull, Smith's Flower Shop team; Cliff Thompson, Thompson Furn. Co. team.
Bantam's League - Barbara Cook and Joel Copeland.
Junior League - Doloris Garrett and David Parsons.

For Sale - Ō68 Mustang, fastback, 4 speed high performance, $1,295. See at Scott Grocery, Hwy. 85, East Fairview Community.

Learn to hide aches with a smile - nobody is interested anyway. -Cracker Barrel News by J.D. Eldridge

Mrs. Sarah Loretta Copeland, 95, died in Lady Ann Hospital Friday, January 29. Born in Alpine, Tennessee on September 2, 1875, she was the daughter of the late Hardy and Vian Keisling of Hatcher Hall. She was married to the late E.M. Copeland on December 23, 1893. The survivors include five sons, Harold G. Copeland, John Copeland, Paul Copeland, Carl Copeland, and Lucian Copeland; two daughters, Mrs. Grace Bilbrey and Mrs. J.M. Spurrier; twenty-one grandchildren, thirty-four great grandchildren, and three great-great grandchildren; four brothers, Emmet Keisling, Will Keisling, Ernest Keisling and Roy Keisling; two sisters, Mrs. Lola Bilbrey and Mrs. Inez Parrott. Interment was in the Bethlehem Cemetery.

Students of Monroe Elementary School who have an A average for the 3rd six weeks of this school yer are:
2nd Grade, Timmy Breeding, Rovert Scott Brown, Janet Huckeby.
6th Grade, Anna Beth White, Ricky Norrod.
7th Grade, Cheryl Stover, Dale Reagan.
8th Grade, Dianne Snoddy, Janet Ledford, Diann Story.
Students with a B average are:
2nd Grade, Kenny Norrod, Robby Robbins, Wayne Linder, Andy Sherrill, Shelley White.
3rd Grade, Denise Ledbetter, Timothy Ledford, Roger Huckeby, Vicky Melton, Ginger Melton, Michael Savage, Patricia Smith, Linda Winningham, James Wright.
4th Grade, Kersey Stover Jr., Sandra Keen, Michele Worley.
5th Grade, Sherry Ledbetter.
6th Grade, Janet Story, Denise Hill, Carolyn Young.
7th Grade, Gail Neal, Debbie Scott.
8th Grade, Marcia Sidwell, Billie Thompson, Bryan Norrod, Carol Ann Paul, Teresa Choate.

Terry Mitchell is elected Sheriff of Overton County.

Betty Huddleston is elected Circuit Court Clerk. * * * * * Bruce Myers is elected General Sessions Judge.

J.B. Eldridge is elected Sheriff of Overton County.

Billy Cole is elected Circuit Court Clerk.

Herman Moody is elected Sheriff of Overton County. * * * * * Steve Daniels is elected General Sessions Judge.

Johnny Brown is elected Circuit Court Clerk.

Allan Loftis is elected Sheriff of Overton County.

Kelly Hull is elected Sheriff of Overton County. John Officer is elected General Sessions Judge.




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