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80 Years Ago

Archives 05-10-2011


League play undersay at Livingston City Park
Jr. Lady Wildcats honor 8th graders
Cats defeat Lions in District Tourney
Fight sees five ejected in first round of soccer tourney
Lady Cats slip in District Tournament
Tennessee Rush take runner-up


League play undersay at Livingston City Park
League play continued at Livingston City Park last week. Results through Thursday, May 5 are as follows:
(ages 5 and 6)
Monday, April 18
Building Center 19, W&O Construction 14
Puckett’s Dentistry 21, Heartland Real Estate 17
First National Bank 23, Union Bank & Trust 8
Overton CO-OP 15, Officer’s Law Office 14

Tuesday, April 19
American Bank & Trust 21, Building Center 1
First National Bank 22, Union Bank & Trust 12

Monday, April 25
First National Bank, 19, Overton CO-OP 6
American Bank & Trust 22, W&O Construction 5
Puckett’s Dentistry 21, Building Center 20
Heartland Real Estate 20, Officer’s Law Office 12

Friday, April 29
First National Bank 23, Overton CO-OP 13
American Bank & Trust 24, Union Bank & Trust 19

Saturday, April 30
Union Bank & Trust 24, Officer’s Law Office 8
Puckett’s Dentistry 21, Building Center 11

Monday, May 2
Building Center 22, Officer’s Law Office 16
American Bank & Trust 21, Union Bank & Trust 12
Puckett’s Dentistry 21, W&O Construction 14
First National Bank 21, Heartland Real Estate 8

Standings – W L T
First National Bank 5 0 0
American Bank & Trust 4 0 0
Puckett’s Family Dentistry 4 0 0
Building Center 2 3 0
Heartland Real Estate 1 2 0
Overton CO-OP 1 2 0
Union Bank & Trust 1 4 0
Officer’s Law Office 0 4 0
W&O Construction 0 3 0

(ages 7-9)
Tuesday, April 19
Woodmen 7, B&R Metals 4
Bank of Overton 33, W&O Construction 0

Thursday, April 21
BP Lamb Oil 8, Hall’s Sports 2
C&L Logging 11, Farm Bureau Insurance 1

Thursday, April 28
C&L Logging 10, Cooper Recycling 0
Bank of Overton 5, A’s 2
W&O Construction 1, Hall’s Sports 0

Friday, April 29
C&L Logging 7, B&R Metals 2
Cooper Recycling 12, W&O Construction 0
Dairy Queen 10, Farm Bureau Insurance 6
Woodmen 13, BP Lamb Oil 2

Saturday, April 30
Woodmen 7, A’s 2
Bank of Overton 11, Farm Bureau Insurance 1
B&R Metals 4, Hall’s Sports 2
Dairy Queen 16, Lamb Oil 3

Thursday, May 5
C&L Logging 17, BP Lamb Oil 5
Dairy Queen 10, W&O Construction 0
Woodmen 2, Farm Bureau Insurance 0
Cooper Recycling 3, Hall’s Sports 0

Standings – W L T
Bank of Overton County 3 0 0
C&L Logging 4 0 0
Dairy Queen 3 0 0
Woodmen of the World 4 0 0
Cooper Recycling 2 1 0
B&R Metals 1 2 0
BP Lamb Oil 1 3 0
W&O Construction 1 3 0
Farm Bureau Insurance 0 4 0
A’s 0 2 0
Hall’s Sports 0 4 0

(ages 10-12)
Monday, April 18
Winningham Hdwre 4, Livingston Regional 4

Thursday, April 21
Swallows 14, Webb’s Guitars 4
American Bank & Trust 11, Winningham Hardware 2

Monday, April 25
Wascon 7, American Bank & Trust 3
First National Bank 6, Webb’s Guitars 2

Thursday, April 28
Livingston Regional 12, Swallows 2
Swallows 10, Winningham Hardware 4

Friday, April 29
Livingston Regional 13, Webb’s Guitars 5
Wascon 15, Winningham Hardware 5

Monday, May 2
American Bank & Trust 10, Winningham Hardware 4
Wascon 13, Webb’s Guitars 3

Thursday, May 5
Livingston Regional 7, First National Bank 3
American Bank & Trust 8, Swallows 4

Standings – W L T
Wascon 3 0 0
Livingston Regional 3.5 .5 0
American Bank & Trust 3 1 0
Swallows 2 2 0
First National Bank 1 1 0
Winningham Hardware .5 4.5 0
Webb’s Guitars 0 4 0

Monday, April 18
Parsons Auto Repair 6, Priority Care 2
Upper Cumberland Dentistry 10, Hall’s Sports 6

Thursday, April 21
Upper Cumberland Dentistry 10, Priority Care 3
Hall’s Sports 7, Parsons Auto Repair 6

Monday, April 25
Upper Cumberland Dentistry 9, Parsons Auto Repair 8
Hall’s Sports 6, Priority Care 4

Thursday, April 28
Parsons Auto Repair 16, Priority Care 10
Upper Cumberland Dentistry 6, Hall’s Sports 2

Monday, May 2
Upper Cumberland Dentistry 10, Priority Care 9

Standings – W L T
UC Denstistry 6 0 0
Parsons Auto Repair 2 3 0
Hall’s Sports 2 3 0
Priority Care 1 5 0

Monday, April 18
First National Bank 15, Panda Realty 2
Everything Sports 17, Sonic 2

Thursday, April 21
First National Bank 18, Panda Realty 1
Wascon 13, Entertainment Direct 1

Monday, April 25
First National Bank 10, Everything Sports 0
Wascon 9, Panda Realty 8
Sonic 10, Entertainment Direct 5

Thursday, April 28
First National Bank 19, Everything Sports 4
Entertainment Direct 9, Sonic 7
Panda Realty 9, Wascon 8

Standings – W L T
First National Bank 6 0 0
Wascon 4 1 0
Entertainment Direct 3 2 0
Everything Sports 1 4 0
Sonic 1 4 0
Panda Realty 1 5 0

Tuesday, April 19
TN Holdem 6, Janney & Associates 5
H&R Block 23, Union Bank & Trust 14

Friday, April 29
Union Bank & Trust 14, TN Holdem 6
First National Bank 7, Janney & Associates 3
H&R Block 8, TN Holdem 1

Saturday, April 30
Union Bank & Trust 6, First National Bank 5
H&R Block 22, Janney & Associates 2

Standings – W L T
H&R Block 3 0 0
Union Bank & Trust 2 1 0
First National Bank 1 1 0
TN Holdem 1 2 0
Janney & Associates 0 3 0

Tuesday, April 19
John M. Windle 9, KFC 8
Civitan 6, Speck Funeral Home 2

Thursday, April 21
KFC 4, John M. Windle 2
Civitan 12, Speck Funeral Home 7

Thursday, April 28
John M. Windle 13, Xpress Lube 5
KFC 10, Speck Funeral Home 3
Civitan 11, Low Cost H&C 4

Friday, April 29
Xpress Lube 12, Low Cost H&C 7
Low Cost H&C 5, Xpress Lube 3

Saturday, April 30
John M. Windle 9, Xpress Lube 1
Low Cost H&C 8, Civitan 1
KFC 11, Speck Funeral Home 1

Thursday, May 5
KFC 9, Civitan 3
John M. Windle 10, Low Cost H&C 3
Speck Funeral Home 11, Xpress Lube 3

Standings – W L T
John Mark Windle 4 1 0
KFC 4 1 0
Civitan 3 2 0
Low Cost H&C 2 3 0
Speck Funeral Home 1 4 0
Xpress Lube 1 4 0

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Jr. Lady Wildcats honor 8th graders

courtesy of Crystal Kingery
Junior Lady Wildcats Softball held 8th Grade Night on April 28 before the Avery Trace game, which the Lady Cats won 11-1. Receiving recognition are, from left, #12 Savannah Grimsley, escorted by her parents, William and Darlene Grimsley, #30 Makala Carr, escorted by her parents, David and Joy Carr, #77 Hannah Morgan, escorted by her parents, Tim and Angie Simpson, and #00 Katlyn “Doc” Smith, escorted by her parents, Ronnie and Kathy Smith.

courtesy of Crystal Kingery
Receiving recognition are, from left, #32 Alex Keith, escorted by her mother, Cynthia Keith, #23 Addy Stover, escorted by her parents, Junior and Renea Stover, #50 Aaliyah Mountain, escorted by her parents, Tim and Lisa Mountain, and managers Kayla and Kally Smith, escorted by their parents, William and Jessica Smith.

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Cats defeat Lions in District Tourney
By Josh Scott,
OCN Sports

Sometimes, a season in sports is like a roller coaster. This would be the case for the Livingston Academy baseball team in 2011. After a pretty good start, the Cats have seen their fair share of ups and downs, but recently, there have been more ups than downs.

After a loss at CAK (The Christian Academy of Knoxville) on Friday, April 29, the Cats seemed to find their groove. At the last moment, they entered themselves in a tournament in Sequatchie County, and it would prove to be beneficial in what they were trying to accomplish, post-season play.

They defeated Watertown in a beatdown by a score of 17-2, before playing the host team, Sequatchie County, and playing to a tie by a score of 5-5. Last Monday evening, May 2, the Wildcats took on AAA power Warren County, falling to them by a score of 12-4; however, Wednesday would bring the change that the Cats needed all year long.

Cumberland County came to town Wednesday; just two weeks after the AAA sluggers defeated the Wildcats in a double-header by a run in each game.

For the first time all year, the Wildcats defeated a Class AAA power, and this time, it was never close as the Cats defeated the Jets by a score of 12-2.

“Tyler Martin pitched a great game giving up only a couple of runs on a few hits,” Coach Shane Qualls said. “Offensively, we really hit the ball well. We had 15 hits, and it was the game that we were capable of playing all year long.

“It was impressive to me because we did it without any of our seniors. Our young guys played great team baseball; we hit the ball well, made the routine plays, and got the win.”

On Thursday, the Cats traveled to Cannon County to try to play-in to the District 8AA Tournament. Cannon had previously beaten the Wildcats handily twice earlier in the year, but this time, grit and maybe just good timing won out.

Justin Savage took to the hill against the Lions, tossing an amazing 10 innings, allowing one lone run in the second inning.

The Cats jumped out to a 1-0 lead only to see the game tied at one apiece the very next inning. It would stay that way until the top of the 11th.

“Justin got us out of a lot of trouble, and we had some really good defensive plays, too,” Coach Qualls said. “We just never got any good wood on the ball.”

But the 11th inning would be the turning point as Connor Oliver led off with a double. Marshall Cannon then pinch ran for Oliver, and Cannon advanced to third on a sacrifice fly the very next pitch.

With Cannon standing on third, Jim Officer came through, smoking a ball through the hole at second base to score Cannon and give the Cats a 2-1 lead.

Senior Josh Johnson came in to strike out the side, and give the Wildcats the win and a berth into the District 8AA Tournament versus DeKalb County.

Livingston (8-14-1, 4-6) took on DeKalb County Monday night in the first game of the tournament. With a loss, they would play again today in a “win or go home” scenario in the double-elimination tournament.

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Fight sees five ejected in first round of soccer tourney

Lyndon Johnson photo
A Jackson County player lays punches into the back of the head of a face-down Wildcat in the fight that broke out during the waning moments of the first round game in the District 8 A-AA tournament Monday, May 9 as players from both teams and referees rush in.

Lyndon Johnson photo
Livingston Academy senior Jake Huitt, left, scrambles for the ball in the first round game in the District 8 A-AA tournament.

By Lyndon Johnson,
OCN Sports

They came for a soccer game, and a fight broke out.

After a tough 1-0 loss at District 8-AA rival DeKalb County Thursday, May 5, the Livingston Academy Wildcats faced Jackson County’s Blue Devils in Livingston Monday, May 9 in the first round of the District 8 A-AA tournament.

The Wildcats went up 2-0 on the Blue Devils and were set to celebrate their impending win, when a fight broke out with one minute to go in stoppage time in the second half. According to TSSAA game officials, Jackson County player #15, Uriah Bowman slapped LA #8, Jesse Carr after some physical play between the two in Blue Devil defensive territory. From there, tempers flared on both sides and a scrum developed midfield.

Coaches, trainers, and players cleared the benches from both sides while officials and even some game spectators sprang onto the field to try to break up the dogpile and defuse the situation.

Jackson County Coach Phyllis Goad indicated that the information initially given to Overton County News by TSSAA officials after the game may have been incorrect.

“No, actually, 8 (Carr) tried to get the ball from 15 (Bowman), and 15 came up and said, ‘Nice try, though.’” She said it was then that Carr came up from a sliding tackle and slapped Bowman, setting off the fight.

Goad said she thought perhaps a late penalty kick incident might have caused conduct on the field to get rougher. Though it had been a physical game, she said there “was no unsportsmanlike stuff” until a penalty kick was awarded to LA just outside the Jackson County goal box late in the second half. During the set-up for the kick, LA players plowed through the Jackson County defenders’ wall, breaking it up. Though LA scored on the penalty kick and the scoreboard lit up 3-0, both LA Coach Ethan King and Goad confirmed that the scoreboard was incorrect and the goal was ruled illegitimate in light of the LA players’ conduct during the set-up for the kick.

“I wasn’t happy with the way the ref handled the game at all,” Goad said, noting that LA was not carded for the infraction inside the box on a penalty kick. Jackson County was awarded a goal kick after the LA goal had been nullified.

With 44 minutes of game time elapsed, the fight effectively ended the game. The three game officials met with King and Goad at midfield to discuss disciplinary action at its conclusion. Jackson County seniors Uriah Bowman and Lincoln Ragland and Livingston Academy sophomore Jesse Carr, freshman Davis Robinson, and senior Collin Ledbetter were ejected from the game.

According to game officials, typically, a player who is ejected faces a minimum two-game suspension ruling from TSSAA. The officials noted, however, that they only report the violations to the TSSAA, and the officials at the state level make the decision on what punishment to hand down to the players involved. If LA were to be eliminated in the next round of the tournament, Carr and Robinson may face suspension on the first game of next season.

Asked for comment after the game, King said, “It’s a sad day for LA soccer. We’ve got to be pretty gullible to have the game won with a minute to go and fall for that.”

The Wildcats will travel to Smithville to face DeKalb County tonight, May 10, in the second round of tournament play after DeKalb eliminated York Institute Monday, May 9. Kickoff for tonight’s game is slated for 6 p.m.

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Lady Cats slip in District Tournament

Josh Scott photo
After a stellar throw from center fielder Kelsey Copeland, catcher Amber Mainord applies the tag at the plate.

Josh Scott photo
Second baseman Courtney Smith places the tag on an Upperman runner in Friday’s District 8AA opener.

By Josh Scott,
OCN Sports

Beating a team three times in one season is always tough. Beating a good team three times in a season is even tougher. For Livingston Academy, the number one seed in the District 8AA Softball Tournament, Upperman was that team. After defeating them twice in the regular season, the Lady Cats would take on the Bees again Friday night, May 6.

Things started off fast for the Lady Bees, and only got faster as the night went on. They would score a whopping 7 runs through four innings, adding 3 more in the sixth, to take a 10-1 lead for Upperman, and put the Lady Cats in a hole they had not been in all year long.

On the other side, the Lady Cats managed little offense, mostly off of the bats of Meriam Maynord, Courtney Smith, and senior Samantha Maya. All went 1 for 3 on the night, with Maynord and Smith supplying 2 of the 3 runs.
Right fielder Tiffany Waddell managed to bring home Maya on a sacrifice in the third inning.

In the pitching circle, Maynord picked up the loss, tossing four innings, allowing only 2 earned runs, 4 runs total, while senior Katelyn Webb came in for relief, allowing 4 earned runs, 6 overall, while both pitchers combined allowed 14 Upperman hits.

Although Upperman hit the ball well, second year coach Ashley Fisher wasn’t impressed with her team’s defensive play on the night. For the night, the Lady Wildcats committed six defensive errors, and when they did hit the ball, they hit it right at someone.

“We committed way too many errors,” Coach Fisher said. “We did not make the routine plays tonight, and it showed. Coach Delk’s team hit the ball well, but we didn’t help ourselves any tonight either.”

Coming in, the Lady Cats just needed to win two games to advance to the District 8AA Finals for the second straight year. Now, they had to win Monday against Cannon County, but defeat two more opponents today to play in the championship tonight.

“We’ve made it tough now,” continued Fisher. “We have lived on the edge lately, and it got us tonight. I knew how good our district was coming into this thing. Everyone is even.”

Fisher is confident that her team isn’t done yet.

“We just need to settle down, work out our kinks, and get it together. We can do it; we just have to do it.”

Livingston (15-8, 10-1) defeated Cannon County Monday evening by a score of 8-1 to advance one step further. They will play at 3:30 p.m. today, May 10, versus the winner of Smith County and York Institute.

If they win that game, they will then play the loser of the DeKalb vs. Upperman game and with a win there they would find themselves in that championship game; however, a loss will end the season for the Lady Cats.

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Tennessee Rush take runner-up

The 5th grade Tennessee Rush girls basketball team took runner-up honors in the 7th Annual Cavalier Rumble in Cookeville on April 17. Team members are, front row from left, Maria Barker of Sparta, Harley Stacy of Hilham, Molly Allison of Baxter, Liz Logan of Byrdstown, back row, Savannah Hammock of Alpine, Madison Palmer of Sparta, Courtney Pritchett of Monroe, Sydnee Clark of Byrdstown, Lexie Martin of Baxter, Emily Gray of Jamestown, and, not pictured, Kaylee Coffelt of Moss. The team is coached by Matt Ferrell.

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