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80 Years Ago

Archives 04-12-2011

A Brief Review of 1956 in Overton and Pickett Counties

John Goolsby and family are visiting relatives at Algood.
Mrs. J.S. Fleming is reported on the sick list.

Henry Ford has won his suit for damages against the Chicago Tribune.

During the progress of the war the Tribune charged Mr. Ford with being an anarchist whereupon Ford sued for damages in the sum of $1,000,000. The case has been on trial for three months and the jury awards a damage of six cents, enough, however to vindicate Mr. Ford.

Alex Smith has moved into his property near the square, known as the Dr. Elmo Smith property, in order to give possession to Mrs. Florence Eubank, who bought the property he now vacates, S.O. Kennedy, who occupied part of the Smith house, has rented rooms from J.S. Fleming.

The Overton County Garage which will occupy the brick building being erected by A.G. Keisling is now having a roof put on. Leland Farland will be in charge.

Two 15 cts. boxes of snuff for 25 cts. Overton Supply Co.

James Madison Lea, son of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Lea, died at home at noon on August 13, 1919. James was 41 years of age.

The ordinance which prevents a pig pen being placed within 150 feet of a house is again being enforced. These spasmodic enforcements of health ordinances do some good, of course, but why not frame the ordinance so they can be enforced the year round? Somewhat like locking the barn after the horse has been stolen.

We believe in the rights of the working man, but when conditions become such that an amalgamation of labor can so manipulate wages as to exact a union scale of $6.00 a day and hire a substitute for $2.00, it is time our government sit up and take notice.

One lot boys, bibbed overalls 49 cnts. pair. Fleming & Myers
Mrs. C.J. Cullom is visiting home folks in Nashville.

S.A.D. Smith is now located and is sporting a new Ford roadster.

Mr. Gray, an uncle of the jeweler, E.B. Gray, is here assisting him in the shop.

E.J. Bell is moving a mill to Pall Mall.

School will close at Lone Maple next Friday.

Mrs. J.B. Duncan visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Cole near Monroe, last Sunday.

Farmers in Eagle Creek are still looking for plow weather.

Mrs. May Bilbrey fell out of a wagon Sunday morning and broke her left arm.

Henry Robbins moved to Nettle Carrier.

A large crowd at Ozone last Saturday night.

“A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation.”
Mark Twain

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