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80 Years Ago

Archives 03-22-2011

A Brief Review of 1920 in Overton and Pickett Counties

1920 is not only a leap year but February has five Sundays. This has happened only four times in 136 years, the last time was in 1880. It will not occur again until 1948.
Tennessee ratifies 19th Amendment, guarantees women’s voting right.
“Prohibition Blues” by Nora Bayes hits 50 on the Billboard Chart. Al Jolson’s “Swanee” holds first place for 18 consecutive weeks.
Brick masons working on a high school get $10 a day. Teachers in the same school get $10 a week. Perhaps the masons are more organized than the teachers.
United States produces 63.8% of the world’s output.
Mr. and Mrs. Blanchard Duke, of Nashville, were the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.A.D. Smith, over Sunday.
Yankees purchase Babe Ruth from Red Sox for $125,000.
The latest arrivals to Livingston, of which we have learned, are a boy at C.P. Gray’s and a girl at the home of Dave Rich.
8.6 scale earthquake destroys 15,000 square miles and kills over 180,000 in Kansu, China.
Morgan Freeman was here this week from Algood to visit his father, C.E. Freeman.
W.R. Officer has bought Mrs. John Rich’s property.
Bob Hope becomes an American citizen.
Dr. A.B. Qualls and Dr. M.J. Qualls returned Saturday from Foxburg, Mass. where they went after their brother E.A. Qualls. Mr. Qualls had gone to Mass. with a soldier boy to put him in the hospital, and when he arrived was taken suddenly sick with the flu. He is now improving and will probably be out in a short time.
Douglas Fairbanks marries Mary Pickford.
Walter Boswell has bought a lot from A.J. Mofield near the latter’s residence and will build in the near future.

Automobile manufacturing pioneers Horace Elgin Dodge and Gaston Chevrolet die.
Ravi Shankar is born.
Prof. L.E. Garrett returned Saturday night from Va. where he spent several days at the deathbed of his father, who died Tuesday.
Earl May was in Cookeville Sunday.
Washing Senator Walter Johnson wins his 300th game versus Detroit.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Swallows, of Miranda, visited his brother Joe the first of the week.
Warren Harding is elected 29th president.
Gladys Allen and Maud Bilbrey spent the week-end in Nashville shopping.
S.M. Ensor has purchased two pens of Barred Plymouth Rock chickens and will sell eggs for hatching.
Miss Uldean Zachry is reported to have pneumonia.
“A fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic.”
George Bernard Shaw.

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