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80 Years Ago

Archives 01-18-2011

A Brief Review of 1956 in Overton and Pickett Counties

The Byrdstown Women’s Club met January 25 in the new elementary school. The club voted to donate ten dollars to the March of Dimes. A devotional was given by Gwen Mochow and an invocation by Rev. Thomas Drake, pastor of the Baptist Church. Husbands were then invited to partake of a delicious covered dish supper prepared by the wives. Hostesses Gwen Mocho, Bea Asberry and Ova Dyer prepared and served delicious hot rolls and coffee. The following were present: Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Agee, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Asbury, Mr. and Mrs. Omer Boles, Mr. and Mrs. Delmer Crouch, Mr. and Mrs. Rich Groce, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Groce, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Koger, Mr. and Mrs. Harlen Louis, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Forest K. Hobson, Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Parrott; Mr. and Mrs. Taskell Rich, Mr. and Mrs. George Savage, Mr. and Mrs. Hobart Taylor, Rev. and Mrs. Thomas Drake, Shirley Ruth Groce, Gerald Kinchen, Vivian Coe, Chlora Woods, Mrs. A.J. Crisp, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Mochow.
An overdue tribute needs to be paid to Felix Rose, an old and forgotten minister, a good man so pure of heart he was incapable of seeing evil in others. He was so loved and sought after that he could only live one year in a community. When the frost was on the pumpkin and the fodder in the shock, wagons rolled up to where Uncle Felix lived, and it was, “We’ve come after you. You’ve got to come live with us next year.” When they got Uncle Felix moved, they took him out and waved an arm over a great expanse and would say to him, “Here is a thousand acres of fine rich land, no difference who it belongs to. It is all yours to farm all you want, as much as you want, wherever you want it.” Some of his neighbors were pretty rugged. They manufactured moonshine whiskey and drank it; got drunk, raised cane in general, gambled, fought and got in jail, but they went to Uncle Felix’s church, and heard him preach, shook his hand and loved him. To Uncle Felix they were wayward children; in moments of weakness, they had transgressed and were to be forgiven. When Felix Rose left this world, he left it a little better for having lived in it.
E.F. Christian.
Tennessee has seventeen state parks. Many offer overnight accommodations.
“For the sake of goodness and love, man shall let death have no sovereignty over his thoughts.”
Thomas Mann

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