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80 Years Ago

Archives 01-11-2011

ABrief Review of 1956 in Overton and Pickett Counties

The Junior Class of Livingston Academy will present “For Pete’s Sake”, a three act play, on February 9. Tickets 25 cents and 50 cents. Characters: Sarah Pepperdine: Marie Norrod. Jasmine Jackson: Edith Smith. Cicero Murglethorpe: John Owens. Peter Pepperdine: Billy Sullivan. Bill Brodshaw: Billy Stutles. Thorndyke Murglethorpe: Glenn German. Mrs. Georgia Clarkston: Jane Lee. Peggy Clarkston: Doris Smith. Malvina Potts: Elisabeth Gilpatrick. John Boliver: Robert Bowman. Dupont Darby: Carl Gore.
According to dispatches from Washington, an application has been filed for a radio station in Livingston by Audio Broadcasters. According to a spokesman involved in the project, “Any application at this time is rather premature since the application to the Federal Communications Commission is only the first in a long series of hurdles which must be overcome before a station becomes a reality.”
An animal of considerable proportions devoured almost completely one hog and leaving another so mangled by claw and teeth marks that it had to be destroyed on the farm of Fowler Fleming in the Allons Community. The beast’s tracks came to within 31 feet of the Fleming home and from the manner in which large stones were mashed into the ground under the paws it is estimated the thing weighed about 400 pounds. The tracks indicated a four-footed beast with 20 inches between steps in walking. The impressions were 6 to 8 inches in size made by four toes without toenails. The marred hog is being used as bait for the creature’s return.
No Privacy For Public Officials Judge Rules: At a meeting of the Town Board of Lawrence, Indiana, a board member struck a member of the press who was securing pictures of the meeting. In passing sentence, Judge Scott Ging fined the defendant $25 plus court costs. “As a public official you are news,” Judge Ging said, “and you surrender privacy you might enjoy as a private citizen. It’s something you must expect when you are elected to a public office.”
As a parent, ask yourself, “Am I doing all in my power to prevent polio from attacking my child?” If your child gets polio and has not had polio shots, you are to blame because of your neglect. The vaccine is free and is given to all children 1-14 and pregnant women. The Overton County Health Department is open on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 noon to give these shots and hopes you will take advantage of the service offered you. Let’s go all the way and make are county 100 percent in every way for the health of our children.
“Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors.”
Jonas Salk

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