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80 Years Ago

Archives 10-19-2010


Dale Hollow Doll Show held Saturday at library
School Board votes to add another SRO
Grant applications must be approved by Commission
September revenue $41M more than state estimated
Flat track races held at fairgrounds Friday night

Dale Hollow Doll Show held Saturday at library

The 3rd Annual Dale Hollow Doll Show, sponsored by Livingston Civic & Garden Club, was held Saturday, Oct. 16 at Millard Oakley Public Library. Results are as follows: China – 1st, Donna England, 2nd Cathy Sullivan; Madam Alexander – 1st, Christine Simmons, 2nd, Robbie Melton, 3rd, Reba Flatt, 4th, Josephine Fry; Half-Dolls – 1st, Donna England, 2nd, Cathy Sullivan; Black Americana – 1st and 2nd, Cathy Sullivan; Composition – 1st, Donna England; Rag Doll – 1st, Donna England, 2nd, Sherry Oats; Raggedy Ann/Andy – 1st, Nick Simmons, 2nd, Sherry Oats; German Children – 1st, Reba Flatt; Barbie – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, Lori Richards; Character – 1st, Lori Richards, 2nd, Reba Flatt, 3rd, Joyce Stewart, 4th, Cathy Sullivan, 5th, Reba Flatt; Modern – 1st, 2nd, and 5th, Joyce Stewart, 3rd, Josephine Fry, and 4th, Reba Flatt; American Girl – 1st, Josephine Fry, 2nd and 3rd, Reba Flatt; Boudour – 1st, Donna England; G.I. Joe – 1st, Phil Gunter; Baby Doll – 1st, Cathy Sullivan; Bride – 1st, Joyce Stewart, 2nd, Cathy Sullivan; Hand-made – 1st, Joyce Stewart; Clowns – 1st, Cathy Sullivan; Advertising ­ 1st, Robbie Melton; Wind-Up – 1st, Joyce Stewart; Native Countries – 1st, Joyce Stewart, 2nd, Reba Flatt, 3rd, Cathy Sullivan, 4th, Rebekah Melton, and 5th, Joyce Stewart; Best of Show – Lori Richards; Viewer’s Choice – Joyce Stewart; Best Display – Lori Richards.

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School Board votes to add another SRO
By Dewain E. Peek,
OCN staff

Overton County Board of Education held the regular monthly meeting Monday, Oct. 18, with members Kelly Hill, Dolphus Dial, Larry Looper, Houston Robbins, Ricky Dodson, Howard Miller, and Ray Smith present, and members David Sadler Sr., Lendard Ledbetter, and Mike Gilpatrick absent.

An additional School Resource Officer (SRO) was approved, with Board members Dial, Dodson, Looper, Miller, Robbins, and Smith voting yes, and Board member Hill voting no.

Hours for nurses were changed from 7 hours per day to 8 hours per day to reflect the time they are having to spend on the job.

The Board voted to take bids for remodeling two rooms at the old Central Office building on Bussell Street, but the project, or parts of it, may be done by Tennessee Technology Center of Livingston.

In a work session held immediately prior to the regular monthly meeting, Director of Schools Matt Eldridge said, “We don’t need to let that building fall apart and not use it. We need to do something with it.”

When the rooms have been renovated, a class that is currently in a portable building behind the old Central Office will be moved into one of the refurbished rooms.

An additional custodian position was approved, to be half-time at the old Central Office building and half-time at the classrooms at Joe L. Evins Community Center, for a total of 7 hours.

A trip requested by FFA sponsor Mike Johnson for the Livingston FFA to attend the International Livestock Expo in Louisville, KY, on November 12 was approved.

A request by Livingston Academy Boys Basketball Coach Richard Melton for the Livingston Academy boys basketball schedule to include a trip to the Sunshine Classic Tournament in Daytona, FL, on December 27 to December 30, was approved.

Board member Dial asked who was paying for the trip, and he was told that the team will pay for it.

Minutes of the September 20, 2010 meeting were approved.

The meeting adjourned.

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Grant applications must be approved by Commission
By Dewain E. Peek,
OCN staff

Overton County Legislative Body held the regular monthly meeting Tuesday, Oct. 12. The meeting had been postponed from the usual second Monday of the month.

Commissioners Jackson Carter, Jean Moore, Darwin Clark, James Clouse, Billy J. Parrott, Randall Boswell, Jesse B. Bowman, Bruce Ledford, Glenn Honeycutt, Rick Moles, Billie G. Phipps, Ben Danner, Gregg Nivens and Donna Savage were all present, and Commissioner Frank Martin was absent.

County Attorney Daryl Colson’s retainer increase from $250 to $500 per month was approved.

County Mayor Ron Cyrus said, “There’s already sufficient funds that have
been appropriated.”

A commissioner asked if any change has been made to the fees for the services he provides.

“No, this is just a retainer,” Mayor Cyrus answered. “He’s essentially had the same retainer for 12 years.”

Bruce E. Myers was reappointed as the delinquent tax attorney for the Trustee’s Office.

A resolution was adopted to apply for a $24,672 grant for recycling bins for solid waste management.

“These are four additional bins that are going to be placed around in various parts of the county, and will help us on our efforts of recycling stuff that we don’t want in the garbage,” Mayor Cyrus said.

Commissioner Clark asked about matching funds required for the grant.

Mayor Cyrus answered, “The 10% match is already in the budget to cover the expenses for this grant.”

A resolution was adopted to require all grant applications be approved by the County Commission before submission.

“What this does is gives the County Commission an opportunity to see what kind of money’s going out as matching funds,” Mayor Cyrus said.

“You look at them, prioritize them, and if you feel those are good things for us to pursue, then we want to have your input on it. That is very important in the budget process.”

Some grants have had costs that were not taken into account before the grant was submitted.

Former Budget Director Debra Maberry said, “What has happened in the past, there have been grants that were written for employees, and the people writing the grant didn’t include things like Social Security and insurance, and those were things that came out of the county budget that we didn’t plan on.”

She said the matching portion of the grant can also affect the budget, but one of the things that can be costly in terms of losing a grant is that County Trustee Peggy Clark Smith and Budget Director Connie Hadynski must know where money received in a grant is to be directed. Maberry said some grants allow three days to get it in three days to get it out, so knowing what grants have been applied for will help with proper distribution when grant money is received.

In making the motion to adopt the resolution, Commissioner Clark said, “Most grants will have 30 to 90 days before they have to be turned in, so that’s going to give us sufficient time to do it.”

Budget amendment #2 to the County General Fund was approved. The amendment was to transfer monies owed to the former secretary in the County Mayor’s Office, the former payroll clerk, the former deputy clerk and clerical personnel in the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for accumulated annual leave, and to transfer $27,349.50 from the Sheriff’s Department’s recent confiscated property sale into the Sheriff’s Department budget for the purchase of guns.

Bonds of Trustee Peggy Clark Smith and Budget Director Connie Hadynski were approved.

Donald Wells and Ronald Smith were appointed to Overton County Planning Commission.

Pat Huckeby, Kenneth Cantrell, Judy Garrett, and James Kennedy were appointed to the Agriculture Committee.

Glenn Honeycutt was appointed to the Veterans Committee.

Denise Bilyeu, Calvin Bilbrey, Verna Meredith, and April Mayer were
approved as notaries at-large.

Minutes of the September 13 meeting were approved.

The meeting adjourned.

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September revenue $41M more than state estimated
Tennessee sales tax collections showed positive growth in September, as overall revenues grew compared to the same period last year. Finance and Administration Commissioner Dave Goetz reported Tuesday, Oct. 12 that overall September revenues were $977.5 million or 6.14% above September 2009 collections.

“The recent positive growth in the sales tax and corporate tax categories is particularly pleasing, given the dismal conditions we faced from 2008 until this spring,” Goetz said. “For the balance of this calendar year we will continue to closely monitor state expenditures in order to keep the state’s budget in balance for the next governor.”

On an accrual basis, September is the second month in the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

September collections were $41 million more than the budgeted estimate. The general fund was overcollected by $28.5 million, and the four other funds were overcollected by $12.5 million.

Sales tax collections were $1 million more than the estimate for September.

The September growth rate was 2.15%.

Franchise and excise taxes combined were $22.9 million above the September budgeted estimate of $246.6 million. The September growth rate was 10.36%.

Gasoline and motor fuel collections for September increased by 15.08%, and they were $3.9 million above the budgeted estimate of $70.8 million.

Tobacco tax collections for the month were undercollected by $1.2 million, and the growth rate was negative 17.41%.

Privilege tax collections were $3.8 million less than the budgeted estimate of $17.5 million.

Inheritance and Estate tax collections were $2.7 million above the budgeted estimate.

All other taxes were overcollected by a net of $15.5 million.

Year-to date collections for two months were $35.6 million more than the budgeted estimate. The general fund was overcollected by $17.8 million, and the four other funds were overcollected by $17.8 million.

The budgeted revenue estimates for 2010-2011 are based on the State Funding Board’s consensus recommendation of April 7 and adopted by the second session of the 106th General Assembly in June. They are available on the state’s website at http://www.tn.gov/finance/bud/budget.html.

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Flat track races held at fairgrounds Friday night

Lyndon Johnson photos
Above, youngsters line up at the starting tape at Overton County Fairgrounds during flat-track motorcycle and ATV races held Friday night, Oct. 15. Races were held in several size and age categories, from youngsters on electric toy cars to “unlimited” motorcycle and ATV classes, where experienced racers piloted sometimes heavily-modified high-performance machines around the track at high speeds.

Below, two racers in the unlimited ATV category tear around Turn 2, throwing chunks of dirt in their wake.

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