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80 Years Ago

Archives 01-13-2010


Home damaged by fire
TVA reaches new 7-day power demand
Overton woman murdered in Monterey

Home damaged by fire

Carson Oliver photo

A firefighter sprays water on the June Chapel Road home of Loye and Marie Ray, which was damaged by fire Friday, Jan. 8. According to reports, the fire started around 6 a.m., possibly around the chimney, and Rickman, Fairgrounds, and Hardy’s Chapel fire departments responded to the scene. Much of the Rays’ goods were salvaged from the structure. The house had major damage and may be a total loss.


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TVA reaches new 7-day power demand
Weekly demand for TVA power reached new record highs for the seven-day period ending January 10. Total weekly energy use across the Tennessee Valley region was recorded at 4,633 gigawatt-hours, more than 200 gigawatt-hours higher than the previous record set August 12, 2007.

A new TVA record was set for total energy use in a 24-hour period on Friday, Jan. 8, at 701 gigawatt-hours.

The highest weekend daily record was set on Saturday, Jan. 9, at 673 gigawatt-hours. That was also the third-highest daily usage on record. A record for Sunday usage was set on January 10, at 644 gigawatt-hours.

TVA Vice President of Transmission and Reliability Bob Dalrymple said, “This is the first significant demand period we’ve seen this season. Through our nuclear, hydro, fossil, and combustion turbine generation fleet and purchased power arrangements, TVA has a diverse portfolio of resources available to reliably meet the need.

“TVA resources and transmission system have performed extremely well during these challenging conditions.”

TVA is working to reduce peak demand and improve energy efficiency through a number of programs, such as TVA’s Home Energy e-Valuation, which will be available in 74 markets this year. TVA is also expanding its Efficiency Advice and Incentives program to help commercial customers reduce their energy use. The goal is to reduce growth in peak demand by up to 1,400 megawatts by 2012, thereby reducing the need for TVA to build more new power plants, which could affect future rates.

TVA is the nation’s largest public power provider and is completely self-financing. TVA provides power to large industries and 157 power distributors that serve approximately 9 million consumers in seven southeastern states. TVA also creates economic development opportunities and manages the Tennessee River and its tributaries to provide multiple benefits, including flood damage reduction, navigation, water quality, and recreation.

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Overton woman murdered in Monterey

Dale Welch/Hilltop Express photo
This North Chestnut Street house in Monterey was the scene of the murder and apparent suicide.

By Dale Welch,Hilltop Express

A domestic dispute last Saturday morning ended in what authorities say was a murder-suicide in Monterey.

Police found Aundria Padgett, 30, of the Love Joy community, shot dead on the porch of Richard Mackie’s house at 606 North Chestnut Street and later found Mackie, 47, dead of apparent self-inflicted gunshot wounds inside the living room.

Witnesses nearby said they saw Padgett pull up in the yard as she attempted to leave, they said that Mackie allegedly pulled her by her hair and shot her, then, turned around and shot her again, and went back inside.

Police were called and arrived on scene around 11 a.m. to find Padgett laying on the front porch, dead, and the front door open. Monterey Police K-9 Officer Larry Bates was first on the scene. When he saw Padgett dead, he pulled his patrol car around and secured the road from passing traffic and called for backup.

Shortly afterward, Putnam Deputy Scott Stockton arrived along with Monterey Police Chief Kevin Phillips and Putnam Sheriff David Andrews.

The STAR team from the sheriff’s department was also called to the scene.
While awaiting the STAR team, Officer Bates thought he noticed something moving inside Padgett’s car, which still had its motor running and windshield wipers moving. With Chief Phillips and Sheriff Andrews covering him, he went to the car and found Padgett’s and Mackie’s two children, one approximately 5 months-old and the other approximately a 1 year-old in child safety seats in the back seat. Officer Bates drove the car to a nearby store parking lot, where relatives soon arrived to take them.

When the STAR team arrived, they tried for some time to call Mackie out of the house, to no avail. Officers also called around to determine where Padgett’s other children were. They were determined to be safe. STAR threw a percussion grenade inside the house and entered, only to find that Mackie was deceased.

Law enforcement working at the scene included Monterey Police Chief Kevin Phillips and Officers Larry Bates, Sandra Cooper, and John Pettit, Putnam Sheriff David Andrews and Deputies Scott Stockton, Steve Flowers, Denny Padgett, Sgt. Bryan Whitefield, Detective Mike Hoover, and STAR team members, and District Attorney General Investigator Greg Phillips and other DA personnel.

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