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80 Years Ago

Archives 05-26-2010


~ Local Happenings ~

F.H. Daughtery, Attorney at Law, Solicitor in Chancery. Will practice in all the courts in Overton and adjoining counties. Collections our specialty. Office in court house, room with register.
J.L. Colquitt, M.D., practicing physician and surgeon, office hours 11 A.M to 5 P.M., office in brick building, west of square, Livingston, Tennessee.
William James’ “Principles of Psychology” moves the field toward science.
The insolvency of the estate of Martha Young, deceased, having been litigated to the county court clerk of Overton County by W.R. Hicks, Administrator, all parties having claim against the said estate of said Martha Young, deceased, are hereby notified to come forward and file the same properly proven in the office of the county court clerk of Overton County before the first Monday in July 1890. Done by order of R.L. Mitchell Jr., County Court Clerk of Overton County. This March 28, 1890. W.R. Hicks, Administrator.
Coin-operated phonographs, the first jukeboxes, are placed in bars, arcades.
Capshaw & Parrot, Attorneys at Law, Cookeville and Livingston, Tennessee. We practice in all the courts of Law and Equity in Overton County, and the Supreme Court of Tennessee, Nashville.
Ferdinand Braun invents the cathode ray tube.
. New goods and low prices. Flour and salt cheap. We carry to many goods to show prices of all. But if you will come and see, we will open your eyes on prices. L.P. Gillem and L.D. Perkins, Cookeville, Tenn., W.B. Stewart, Monroe, Tenn. GILLEM, PERKINS & STEWART.
A.A. Reagan, DEALER IN GENERAL MERCHANDISE. AGENT FOR SOUTH BEND CHILLED PLOWS. Both flatland and hillside. Light running New Home sewing machine, Milburn Wagons, Etc. Etc. None of which need any recommendation where known. Repairs for all kinds of sewing machines furnished on short notice. We make in a general rule to handle good goods and sell them cheap for cash and produce. Respectfully, A.A. Reagan, Cookeville, Tenn.
Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray” is serialized in Lippincott’s Magazine.
The first beauty contest is held in Spa, Belgium.
THE NEW AND ELEGANT “JENNIE JUNE” Sewing Machine is the best. Buy no others.
“STANDARD of the U.S. Rotary Shuttle Sewing Machine”. Finest of the fine. Buy the best.
Friese-Greene builds the kinematograph camera and projector.
Fifty thousand cooking and heating stoves per annum. Phillips and Buttorff Mfg. Co, Nashville, Tenn.
The Kodak box camera, $25, takes 100 pictures on a roll.


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