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80 Years Ago

Archives 04-14-2010


William Murphy, the enterprising merchant, of the firm Brown & Murphy, Hilham, was in town Monday.
Thomas Edison assigns engineer W.L.K. Dickson to create a motion picture camera.
Ziack Trunks of every grade of every grade and price at W.D. Sloan & Co. You can get a coffin or a casket at any time from the cheapest to the best. Bed springs for $1.75 to $4.00. Buggy whips 15 cents. Saddle blankets 25 cents.
Lafayette Norris near the mouth of Wolf River accidently shot and killed himself instantly, while blowing in the muzzle of a gun, the ball passing through his head.
Annie Sullivan meets Helen Keller.
Health is generally good in Little Crab.
A delegation of engineers traveled by special train at the remarkable speed of 85 miles in 89 minutes.
Nothing strange in Netherland, but as public schools are progressing we will say a few words in regard to school teaching. Nothing is wrong with our public school system. The fault is somewhere else. If no fault exists, somebody will pick a flaw. Either a teacher is too strict or not strict enough or dismisses too late or too early. Some outsiders say if they were teaching they would do so and so. We presume these characters have nothing else to do. Let them pluck the mote out of their eyes to see their faults.
Comptometer multi-function adding machine is manufactured.
The Brown-Sequard elixir is not coming up to expectations. It does not rub out wrinkles or make bald heads bloom and blossom into curls again and give the rosy flesh to the weakened frame of old age. The infirmities of old age cannot be broken off except into the grave. Death is the only elixir of life at last appeal.
Young mules are demanding better prices than in years. Some are selling for $80.
Wash Taylor near Eagle Creek had his home and all contents burned to ashes last Saturday night.
Arthur Conan Doyle creates Sherlock Holmes.
Elder A. Bertram of Little Crab has preached two discourses each day for 17 days in succession, and does not complain of being tired. In addition to Elder Bertram, the meetings are being conducted by Elders J.F. Sewell and J.F. Garrett.
Cellulose photographic film is developed.
Some will use slang enough to keep gossip enough going from here to there and beyond. Why?

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