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80 Years Ago

Archives 04-07-2010

90 Years Ago

~ Local Happenings ~

Miss May Neely, of Celina, is visiting her sister, Mrs. T.W. Carlock.
Misses Ethel Goolsby, Nettie, and Frankie Vaughn, who are attending school here, visited home folks at Allred over Sunday.
There are two distinct classes of newspapers in this country; the “official organ” and the people’s forum.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Looper, of Crawford Route 1, were here last week attending court and visiting.
Mrs. Looper’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Speck.
The heavy rain Saturday damaged the bridges of the T.K. & N. Railroad so that trains are indefinitely suspended.

“What’s the matter with America these days?”
Too many diamonds, not enough alarm clocks.
Too many silk shirts, not enough flannel ones.
Too many pointed-toe shoes, not enough square-toed ones.
Too many suits, not enough overalls.
Too many satin upholstered limousines, not enough cows.
Too much oil stock, not enough savings accounts.
Too much envy of the result of hard work, too little desire to emulate it.
Too many desiring short cuts to wealth, too few willing to pay the price.
Too much discontent that vents itself in mere complaining.
Too little real effort to remedy conditions.
Too much class consciousness.
Too little common democracy and love of humanity.
Herb Hoover must want to get his name on both presidential tickets, from the way he dodges the issue. Can’t be a pig and pup both.
When in need of paper hanging, painting or hardwood finish, call or write Morgan C. Freeman, Algood, Tenn., Box 110. Small jobs appreciated as well as large ones.
B.L. Speck is in Missouri looking after his farm. He will be bringing back a car of mules which he expects to put on the market.
Mr. and Mrs. James Spurrier are visiting Mr. Spurrier’s sister, Mrs. Homer Ray in Copeland Cove.
What is said to be the first automobile in the world was discovered in France near LeMans in the magnificent stables of the estate of the Marquis de Broc. The authentic record of this self-propelled road-car is that it was built in 1878. It was used on long road trips and had a speed of about twenty-two miles an hour; but the Marquis stopped using it, as it frightened the neighbors horses. The automobile somewhat resembles a stagecoach in design, having a powerful engine in the front and a chimney in the rear. It was propelled by steam. The car is now stored in the Marquis garage.

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